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12 April 2019 г.

Participation of Andrei V. Hindziuk in OMEGA-NET Working Group and Organizing Committee.

Participation of Andrei V. Hindziuk in OMEGA-NET

In the Swedish capital, the city of Stockholm, with the assistance of Karolinska University, from 3 to 5 April 2019, Network on the Coordination and Harmonization of European Occupational Cohorts (OMEGA-NET) Working group meeting, organized with the assistance of the European Association for Science and Technology (COST), was held within the framework of the program “Horizon 2020”.

The meeting was attended by experts from 37 countries of the world - more than 70 participants from the countries of the European Union, USA, Israel, Australia, including the Dean of the faculty of preventive medicine of the educational institution “Belarusian State Medical University” Andrei V. Hindziuk.

According to the program of meetings on April 3 a session of young scientists was held, including reports of graduate students and young researchers on current areas of occupational medicine in different countries.

Speaker Claudia Lissåker (Sweden) with the report “Occupational exposure and hypersensitive disorders of pregnancy, preeclampsia and gestational diabetes in Sweden”.

Speaker Trevor Peckham (USA) with the report “Employment Quality and Health in the Modern U.S. Economy”.

The events of April 4-5 included presentations at plenary sections of leading scientists from Sweden, the United States, Italy and breakout sessions in 10 different areas of occupational medicine (social and psychological factors in the workplace, emotional burnout, labor migration and health, skin diseases and allergies, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, youth and work, etc.), followed by discussion and the development of fundamental concepts.

Speaker Roberto Leombruni (Italy) with the report “The WHIP-Salute database. Content and applications”.

Participating in a meeting of the OMEGA-NET working group allowed not only increasing knowledge and involvement in international processes and issues in occupational medicine, but also improving the development of subregional cooperation in coordinating and coordinating efforts to assess and manage occupational risk in the workplace in order to preserve the health of workers .

Author: Andrei V. Hindziuk, Dean of the Faculty of preventive medicine;
Translation: A.Karnacheva.

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