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9 July 2019 г.

Participation of students of the Pharmaceutical Faculty in the GxP Summit in Yaroslavl.

Participation of students of the Pharmaceutical Faculty in the GxP Summit

The students of the Pharmaceutical Faculty took part in the III All-Russian Inter-University GxP Summit with international participation “Choosing the best. Time ahead" in Yaroslavl. Summit is an expert educational platform for undergraduate and graduate students, future specialists in the pharmaceutical industry.

Upon arrival the participants were engaged in the team building event “GxP Quest”, where the guys were solving theoretical and practical tasks.

The participants were also invited to visit the manufacturing sites of Yaroslavl Cluster pharmaceutical companies and lay flowers at the monument in honor of the military and labor glory of Yaroslavl during the Great Patriotic War.

On the second day, the business navigator “Russia is a country of open opportunities!” was held; presentations were made by representatives of pharmaceutical companies - summit partners on the development of the industrial, scientific, personnel potential of Russian pharmaceutical companies, on the professional development opportunities of students and graduate students in the pharmaceutical industry.

Then the participants were involved in the Olympiad block and in the individual solution of scientific tests and tasks on the subject: GMP, GLP, GRP, GCP, GDP. The next business game was aimed at identifying leadership qualities, abilities to interact and manage resources.

On the final day, the winners and laureates of the competition were announced, and diplomas of the participant were presented.

Dean’s office of the Pharmaceutical Faculty.
Translation: A.Karnacheva.

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