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2 March 2020 г.

Belarus-Belgium Contact Days: visit of a delegation of representatives of higher education institutions of the Republic of Belarus.

Belarus-Belgium Contact Days:

Belgium is developed European country, famous for its medieval cities and buildings in the Renaissance style. However, Belgian universities are also well-known in Europe, occupying an important place in the system of European education and successfully combining modern standards and centuries-old traditions. The quality of Belgian education is a recognizable brand which is proved by the highest positions of Belgian universities in international rankings.

Nevertheless, higher education of Belarus is also a recognizable popular brand. This is confirmed by the growing number of foreign citizens who choose Belarus for receiving higher education.

Our countries have something to offer each other, but the dialogue between the educational institutions of the two countries is not developing so actively. The main goal of Belarus-Belgium Contact Days is to foster the development of bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the field of education.

On February 17-19 a delegation of representatives of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus took part in the University Day dedicated to the cooperation of universities as part of the Belarus-Belgium Contact Days. The forum was organized within the framework of the European Union project - Mobility Scheme for Targeted People-to-People-Contacts (MOST). The educational institution “Belarusian State Medical University” was represented by professor Vasili V. Roudenok, Vice-Rector for International Relations.

The University of Mons – one of the leading universities in Belgium, became the venue of the forum. The keynote of the forum was the discussion of higher educational systems in the Republic of Belarus and the Kingdom of Belgium, as well as the issues of educational, scientific and economic activities of higher educational institutions.

One of the main events of the forum was a round table on academic cooperation with the participation of Belarusian and Belgian universities, representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Kingdom of Belgium, as well as presentation of Belarusian universities.

During the round table, Vice-Rector for International Relations Vasili V. Roudenok made a presentation with information about the Belarusian State Medical University and spoke about the history, structure, educational process, organization of educational and scientific activities, international cooperation. It was noted that the medical university has highly qualified teaching staff, modern clinical bases and comfortable living conditions for students. The University attaches the greatest importance to the improvement of the quality of training of medical specialists, provided by the introduction of innovative forms and technologies of education by equipping with technical means used in the learning process, improving curricula and programs, and improving the qualifications of teaching staff.

At the exposition of Belarusian universities professor Roudenok handed out marketing literature on the Belarusian State Medical University, as well as draft Agreements on cooperation.

Vasili V. Roudenok met with the rector of the University of Mons, professor Philippe Dubois. Following the negotiations a preliminary agreement was reached on the development of bilateral cooperation in the following areas:

  • Exchange of faculty staff, researchers, doctors and other research and administrative staff;
  • Co-operation in the research projects;
  • Organization of lectures and symposia;
  • Exchange of academic, scientific, medical information and materials;
  • Promotion of any other cooperation as may be mutually agreed.

Professor Roudenok held negotiations with Philippe Parmentier, Head of the International Relations Office of the Higher School of the Liege Province. It was proposed to foster cooperation in the framework of student exchange programs. A draft bilateral agreement on student exchange was received for consideration.

Representatives of Belgian educational institutions expressed interest in organizing joint research projects, the exchange of teachers, students and researchers, conducting joint conferences, webinars, etc.

Such forums helps to establish direct personal contacts, develop bilateral cooperation between universities and educational systems. Each participant leaving the University of Mons, returned to their universities with new ideas and goals, new partners and friends.

Author and translation: Varvara Boika, Head of the Department of International Relations

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