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13 September 2018 г.

The meeting with astronauts at the BSMU.

The meeting with astronauts

On September 12, 2018 the Belarusian State Medical University was visited by delegates of the XXXI International Congress of the Association of Space Flight Participants held for the first time in the Republic of Belarus. The meeting took place in the conference hall of the laboratory building.

German astronaut researcher Reinhold Ewald, who flew to the space station Mir with Soyuz TM-25, spending 20 days

in space and the Dutch astronaut André Kuipers, who took two flights lasting more than 200 days, spoke to the students and university staff.

During the speech astronauts told about the physiological processes taking place in the conditions of gravitation, adaptation to weightlessness, shared the experience of space flights and technical information on scientific research.

In addition, they emphasized the need to develop a sense of responsibility for our planet, a non-indifferent attitude to environmental problems and the use of outer space for peaceful purposes. In support of the ecological project "Windows on Earth", astronauts showed photos of our planet from the space.

Students actively participated in the conversation, asked many questions.

In the end astronauts were given an excursion around the university.

Author: Nikolay Shumin, the head of the museum of history
Photo: Dmitry Zelenkovsky
Translation: A.Karnacheva