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5 February 2021 г.

Health program "Rehabilitation after pneumonia associated with COVID-19" (for students)

Health program

Duration of health program: 18 days.

  • Therapist's consultation.
  • Diet therapy.
  • Drug inhalation.
  • Physiotherapy procedures: ultrasound therapy, electrotherapy, magnetic and laser therapy, electrophoresis, phototherapy (individually).
  • Hydrotherapy – baths or showers.
  • Hardware massage.
  • Recreative gymnastics. Learning special breathing exercises.

The treatment according to this health program is provided for post COVID patients. The patient must have a photocopy of the epicrisis or an extract from the medical record.

Author: Administration of the BSMU Student's Sanatorium Dispensary,
Photo from open sources,
Translation: Varvara Boika

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