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15 February 2021 г.

"Modern Challenges for Medical Education and Their Solutions"

This was the name of the International Scientific and Practical Conference dedicated to the 86th anniversary of Kursk State Medical University, the partner of the Belarusian State Medical University. A large number of experts, scientists, practicing teachers from leading medical universities in Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Transnistria, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine were involved in the work of 12 symposia.

On behalf of KSMU Rector, the Vice-rector for educational activities and general issues, professor P.V. Kalutsky adressed the audience with a welcoming speech. He noted the importance of the events in the face of new challenges for medical education, the development vector of which is polyprofessional cooperation, globalization, integration of the educational process, digital transformation of educational programs, hybrid and distance learning.

The plenary reports were presented to the conference participants:

'Modern problems of education and possible ways to solve them in the medical field' (V. Lazarenko, P. Kalutsky, N. Dremova, A. Ovod; KSMU, Russia, Kursk);

'Organization of distance learning at the departments of theoretical profile' (V. V. Kharchenko, T. A. Ishunina; KSMU, Russia, Kursk);

'International integration of the modern educational process: higher education in the context of digital transformation' (T. N. Melnikova, E. I. Grinkevich, I. A. Kovyneva, N. E. Petrova; Belarusian State Medical University, Belarus, Minsk; KSMU, Russia , Kursk).

Speaking at the plenary session, Head of KSMU Department of Russian Language and Culture of Speech I.A. Kovyneva and Head of the Department of Belarusian and Russian Languages of the Belarusian State Medical University T.N. Melnikova summarized the results of joint work within the framework of the agreement on international cooperation in force between our educational institutions since 2014;

told about the conditions for organizing and working on projects;

demonstrated innovative teaching materials for working in a foreign audience in the Russian language.

The results of a joint study of BSMU and KSMU Russianists were presented in the following theses:

1) digital transformation of the educational process of higher education is an objective reality;

2) higher education in modern conditions effectively uses electronic educational platforms, which allows to optimize teaching online;

3) digitalization of higher education has its advantages (electronic educational technologies are saving the education system at the moment from the collapse that would inevitably follow in a pandemic, and also provides a palette of options for demonstrating teaching and methodological materials) and disadvantages (being forced to be in the process of online teaching , it became clear that this type of training is unacceptable for the training of highly qualified medical personnel; the compulsory training format plunged the foreign student, in addition to adapting to living conditions in a new country, its culture, language, education system, and also into adapting to a new format of training. turned out to be outside of socialization; the teacher also entered the plane of emotional stress, when the brain works at its limit while receiving several commands at once, a powerful visual workload is recorded, there is no normal visual contact with students);

4) mastering Russian as a foreign language is a specific activity for which special teaching materials are needed. The issue of creating professionally oriented teaching material is always acute, therefore, when producing such products, it is important to find the right balance between traditional and innovative tendencies.

The work of the symposia presented a wide thematic range for reports and discussion of the following topical scientific areas:

  • global challenges facing the education of  XXI century;
  • innovations in the educational process of a medical university;
  • digitalization of higher education: challenges of the time;
  • increasing the level of digital competencies of the teaching staff;
  • additional professional education of medical and pharmaceutical workers: modern challenges;
  • personalized medicine as the basis of modern medicine;
  • a graduate of the higher education system as a human resource potential of the region;
  • medical education - a sphere of equal opportunities for realizing the potential of the subjects of the educational space;
  • the educational environment of the university as a socio-cultural space;
  • digital transformation of the educational process of higher education;
  • ways to improve the system of secondary medical education.

During the sessions of the symposia, 115 speakers were heard and 10 poster reports were presented. Each presentation was accompanied by questions from the audience and a discussion on the most relevant issues.

Author: Elena Grinkevich, Associate Professor of the Department of the Belarusian and Russian Languages, BSMU;
Translation: Anastasiya Karnacheva.

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