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27 April 2021 ă.

Students of Belarusian State Medical University Demonstrated their Skills in Dental Restoration

Students of Belarusian State Medical University Demonstrated their Skills

The International Olympiad for Medical Students “Mastery of Aesthetic Restoration in Dentistry” was held in Samarkand State Medical Institute (Uzbekistan). The students of the Dental Faculty of Belarusian State Medical University took part in this competition as well.

The Student Olympiad is first and foremost a search for young talents. Its main purpose and goals are to establish good rapport among higher education institutions and students, to exchange knowledge and experience, to promote knowledge in the field of aesthetic dentistry and to increase scientific potential. The on-line format of the Olympiad united several countries: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, 12 higher education institutions and 120 participants.

Under the supervision of Tatiana Manak, Head of the 2nd Therapeutic Department of Dentistry, Professor Andrey Delendik, 5th year students of the Dental Faculty – Evgeny Baranovsky, Ruslan Vershitsky, Anastasia Gridasova, Angelina Poloshovets, Olga Sparish – represented Belarusian State Medical University, showing their skills in aesthetic stomatology at high level.

During the opening ceremony, Tatiana Manak emphasized the importance of sharing the practical knowledge among students wishing to broaden their professional horizons to the utmost in order to use its benefits in further practical and scientific activities. At the same time, she noted the necessity of such events and thanked the Rector of Samarkand State Medical Institute and his colleagues for it.

The opening ceremony was followed by preliminary assessment and an oral questionnaire on Zoom platform. Based on the results of first two rounds, the students were admitted to the aesthetic restoration stage. Compliance with regulations was of paramount importance at all stages.

Our students – Anastasia Gridasova and Angelina Poloshovets – moved to the third round of the Olympiad where they showed practical skills in restoring Class III cavity according to Black. At this stage, a video had to be sent which was then evaluated by the jury.

By the decision of the jury, Angelina Poloshovets won the category “Creating a Brilliant Smile”.

In the end, the participants thanked the tutors who had prepared them for this important competition (they were the professors and tutors of the 2nd Department of Therapeutic Dentistry). They also thanked the hosts for the opportunity to take part in the competition, which helped them to acquire new knowledge in future profession.

Author: the 2nd Department of Therapeutic Dentistry at BSMU, photos provided by the Department
Translation: Tatiana Malkovich