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4 May 2021 ă.

Ńharming Evening: Concert of International Student Choir “Dominanta”

Ńharming Evening: Concert of International Student Choir

The concert of international student choir “Dominanta” was held on April 29 after a long pause due to the epidemic situation. The honoured guests were the Rector of the University – Professor Sergey Rubnikovich, the First Vice-Rector – Professor Irina Moroz, the Vice-Rector for Educational Work – Associate Professor Pavel Markautsan, and the Deans – Professor Alexey Volotovskiy (the Faculty of General Medicine) and Associate Professor Oleg Ishutin (Medical Faculty for International Students). Other students and university staff, relatives and friends of the choir members also enjoyed the beauty of their voices.

A little bit of terminology…

Choir is a group of singers. It differs from a vocal ensemble (vocal trio, quartet, or quintet) in having at least two or three or more people singing the same part. Most often the choir includes four choral parts: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. But the number of parts is actually unlimited. For example, in Vasily Titov’s concerts there are 12 or more choral parts. The choir may sing with or without instruments – acappella. The instrumental accompaniment can include almost any instrument – one or an entire orchestra. The choir is led by a conductor or a choirmaster.

The Student Club of Belarusian State Medical University has such a unique choir. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it comprises representatives of all faculties, including a large number of foreign students studying in our educational establishment. The motto of the choir is “We are different, but we are together”. It is led by Ekaterina Akulich, accompanied by Alesya Piletskaya and administered by Alla Sharapa.

Warm family atmosphere, great diligence and sincere love for music unite the choir members. The concert showcased a wide repertoire of musical compositions in several foreign languages. There was religious music, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Russian folk songs, world-famous Christmas songs, African music, and music from well-known musicals.

Solo performers, the students of the Medical Faculty for International Students, deserve special attention: Kishan Borhan, Partihara Jayasekara, Lubangi Herwe, Dorcas Kwete Magtbishi and Karut Kamal as well as Daria Valyukhova and Evgenia Moroz.

The Student Club and the choir “Dominanta” would like to thank the university administration for financially supporting the amateur artistic endeavour and for the opportunity to visit the museum complex “Dududki”.

We congratulate the students and their supervisors with perfectly conducted concert. We wish them success and satisfaction in their creative work!

Author: BSMU Student Club, photos provided by the Club
Translation: Tatiana Malkovich

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