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9 June 2021 ă.

“Dominanta” visited the Dudutki Museum Complex

“Dominanta” visited the Dudutki

The international student choir “Dominanta” of the BSMU Student Club has visited the museum complex of ancient folk crafts and techniques “Dudutki”.

“Dudutki” is one of the most visited museums in Belarus, the museum of ancient folk crafts and techniques, which is located 40 km from Minsk in a picturesque place near the river Ptich.

For almost 17 years it has been visited by tourists from all over the world with great interest and joy. And it is not surprising at all, because it offers not only an insight into history, but also a wonderful place to relax and unwind.

“Dudutki” is an open-air museum. Visitors are always glad to explore the way of a landlord’s courtyard life, the work of craftsmen who recreate ancient techniques in action, the culinary heritage of our ancestors, the charming nature of the Minsk region, and the wonderful fauna of this region.

Dudutki was first mentioned in the chronicles of the 11th century. Presumably, the overland road leading to Polotsk ran through these places; and according to researchers and “Tale of Igor’s Campaign”, Polotsk Duke Vseslav Charodei rode “like a wolf to Nemiga from Dudutki, having learned about the siege of ancient Minsk...” by these places.

The atmosphere of the 19th century Belarusian village is particularly authentic. Students attended a pottery workshop, a cheese making farm, the smithy, the mill, and a straw workshop; saw a collection of cars from the past ages; tasted different kinds of cheese and bread made by recipes of our ancestors, embodying the history of the Belarusian people.

Everyone was deeply impressed by what they saw. The international student choir “Dominanta” thanks the Rector of Belarusian State Medical University, Professor Sergey P. Rubnikovich, for the provided opportunity to experience the unique and beautiful aspects of the Belarusian culture.

Author: BSMU Student Club, photos provided by the Student Club
Translation: Tatiana Malkovich

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