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12 July 2021 ã.

“Hippocrates 2021”: 70 Honours Degrees from Belarusian Leading Medical University

“Hippocrates 2021”: 70 Honours Degrees

This is a jubilee year for Belarusian State Medical University. In November, the University will celebrate its 100th anniversary. For nearly a century of functioning of the main Alma Mater of physicians (including 2021) there were 96 graduates of the Faculty of General Medicine, 46 – the Pediatric Faculty, 57 – the Dental Faculty, 52 – the Faculty of Preventive Medicine, 24 – the Institute of Military Medicine, 6 – the Faculty of Pharmacy, 45 – the Medical Faculty for International Students.

This year, 1.018 doctors and pharmacists have become graduates of BSMU. They acquired the necessary knowledge, skills and proficiency in six (five) years, which will allow them to work efficiently in the healthcare system and increase the fame of our Alma Mater.

Unlike previous graduations, this year will also be remarkable for the unprecedented number of diplomas with honours. 70 alumni received them: 33 out of 362 alumni got diplomas with honours at the Faculty of General Medicine, 5 out of 165 at the Pediatric Faculty, 16 out of 104 at the Dental Faculty, 1 out of 28 senior lieutenants at the Institute of Military Medicine won the gold medal, and 15 out of 79 pharmacists were awarded diplomas with honours.

...Hippocrates ceremony, being celebrated more than two decades, was attended not only by the alumni, but also by distinguished guests – representatives of the Rectorate, headed by Professor Sergei Rubnikovich, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Deans, Head of the Republican Scientific and Practical Centre for Oncology and Medical Radiology named after N.N. Aleksandrov, Doctor of Medical Sciences Sergei Polyakov (who chaired the State Examinations of the Faculty of General Medicine) and relatives.

– The solemn day, to which you headed for, has come. Today you have been awarded diplomas of the most prestigious university in Belarus, the flagship of Belarusian medical and pharmaceutical higher school. It is an important moment for everyone. On the one hand, it is a joyful moment, because you have achieved a new goal, and on the other hand, it is a sad one, because you are parting with your Alma Mater, professors and friends that you made while studying. – highlighted the Rector of the University. – Your graduation is special, because it is taking place on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the University, which will be celebrated by the whole medical community. Long years of studies, tests and exams are left behind. But the main exam is ahead of you, the one that will define the rest of your professional life. It is an examination of competence, professional consistency, the ability to make decisions and take responsibility. Your knowledge, skills, and abilities will determine the most valuable thing a person has – his or her health.

I wish you good health, new achievements, professional and career development. Know that the university doors are always open for you! Way to go!

– On behalf of the medical community, the Ministry of Health and myself I would like to congratulate you on this important date, – Dmitry Pinevich, Minister of Health of the Republic of Belarus, said. – We are very pleased to see you graduate – more than 2.5 thousand young specialists who will join not only the health care institutions of our country. This includes young people from over 40 countries who studied in Belarus. After all, BSMU is not only the leading university in the country, but also in the entire Europe. I congratulate you on that!

As the minister says, during the pandemic more than 50 per cent of today’s graduates honed their professional skills in the so-called red zones of hospitals, polyclinics, being on the cutting edge of the fight against COVID-19.

–You will have a lot to look forward to in your professional life, but don’t forget your Alma Mater! When you leave the walls of the university, don’t lose your student bonds. I would like to conclude with my advice: have a good professional life and good health, it’s very important. Welcome to the healthcare system!

As Doctor of Medical Sciences Sergey Polyakov noted: “Your path will not be easy. But those who make it – will never regret it.”

Then, the diploma awarding ceremony, which was preceded by the Oath of the Doctor of the Republic of Belarus and singing of the anthem of all students “Gaudeamus”, began. The newly graduated doctors and pharmacists received their diplomas with honours from Dmitry Pinevich, Sergey Rubnikovich and Sergey Polyakov. There was standing ovation for every graduate.

Unforgettable final chord of the celebration was concert program, prepared by the Student Club of BSMU as a gift to newly graduated doctors and pharmacists.

When the official part of “Hippocrates” ended, there was a photo session, which was attended not only by the young specialists of 2021, their relatives and friends, but also by distinguished guests, including the Minister of Health, the Rector, lecturers...

Author: Oksana Kurbeko, Press Secretary, photos by Dmitriy Zelenkovsky
Translation: Tatiana Malkovich

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