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20 August 2021 ã.

Excelling at everything


One never ceases to be amazed at the variety of intellectual board games.

During the chess tournament among international students of Belarusian State Medical University, students find their interest to other board games which enhance logical thinking, memory, and attention. They also recalled some of the most popular ones: checkers, halma and so forth.

Checkers is no less interesting than a game of chess though it may seem simpler, and it is worth noting that in the meantime international checkers contest takes place.

Yet, we held our checkers tournament among the international students. Here we could see genuine interest and a tough competition for top-places. This was especially evident in the game for the second place, as the sum of contenders’ points was equal, so they met at the game board once again.

The tournament was held according to rotation system. The games were really captivating as everyone could determine his skills, the skills of an adversary, and look on the games of others, what allows seeing the variety of game moments better.

According to the tournament results, Allakulyev Jumaniyaz (group 1419) placed first, Borad Akash Kisharkumar (group 6323) – second, Abdollahi Mohammadamin Asad (group 6502) – third.

Meanwhile, a tutorial on the board game called “corners” was held. It appeared as a variant of more ancient game “halma”. The essence of the game is to put all your checkers to your counterpart’s side. The game is quite absorbing, it makes you anticipate every your move to take the right position.

Students eagerly analysed muliway moves, and acquired all the rules quite fast, so they had a chance to play in a competitive mode.

Thanks all the participants of the tournament. We congratulate the winner and other awardees!

Author: BSMU Sports Club, photos provided by the Sports Club
Translation: Tatiana Malkovich

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