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10 September 2021 .

Per aspera ad astra!

Per aspera

At the end of each academic year, students of our university participate in International Latin Language Olympiads. A short while ago, Privolzhsky Research Medical University (Nizhny Novgorod) hosted the 1st Student Internet Olympiad in the Latin language and medical terminology. Being a new educational technology of higher professional medical and pharmaceutical education and a method to stimulate students’ research work, the Olympiad is aimed to improve terminological training of future doctors and is designed to form and strengthen traditions of professional student competitions.

Over 400 applications were sent in by students from 18 higher educational institutions in Russia, Belarus and Uzbekistan. About 200 contestants got through to the second round. Yelizaveta Shevtsova, the student of group 1107, the General Medicine Faculty (scientific supervisor – Natalya Kruglik, PhD in Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor), represented the Latin Language Department of Belarusian State Medical University in this intellectual competition. The result of their hard work – II degree diploma.

As it has been a long-standing tradition, the Latin Language Department also took part in the XV International Internet-Olympiad in Latin and the Basics of Medical Terminology, held at the Medical Faculty of Ulyanovsk State University. Representatives of 31 Universities and 2 colleges from Russia and foreign countries participated in the competition. Valentina Blazhko, the student of group 6102, the Medical Faculty for International Students of Belarusian State Medical University (scientific supervisor – Natalya Kruglik, associate professor) took the 1st place in the specialty «Medicine». Her educator was awarded with diploma for good preparation of students for the Olympiad.

We congratulate future physicians and their scientific supervisor on good results and wish them further achievements!

Author: Elena Lyashkevich, Head of the Latin Language Department of Belarusian State Medical University, photos provided by the author and from open sources
Translation: Tatiana Malkovich