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3 January 2022 г.

Pediatric student Anastasia Mozhaeva – winner of the international competition “Science and Creativity: Dialogue and Development”

Pediatric student Anastasia Mozhaeva – winner

On December 1, the results of the International Competition of Scientific Research and Project Creative Works of Young Scientists of Eurasia “Science and Creativity: Dialogue and Development” hosted by the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization of Higher Education “University at the Interparliamentary Assembly of EurAsEC”, Vitebsk State Technological University in cooperation with other universities and scientific organizations were summarized.

Anastasia Mozhayeva, a 2nd year student of the Faculty of Pediatrics, won I degree diploma in the area “Population growth and food security in the Greater Eurasia region”. The scientific supervisor was Alexey Sapotnitsky, Associate Professor at the 1st Department of Pediatric Diseases, Candidate of Medical Sciences.

The work “Colour labelling of goods as a way to ensure food security of the Republic of Belarus” was devoted to the study on learning the distinction between “healthy” and “unhealthy” food, the impact of labelling on the purchasing behaviour of people, as well as proposing ways to improve food labelling, contributing to the formation of food culture, including prevention of excessive body weight and obesity.

The competition is held annually in order to support talented young people in the countries of Greater Eurasia, to expand the professional outlook and creative interaction between young scientists in the formation of a common Eurasian scientific, educational and socio-cultural space. This year, representatives from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and many other countries took part in the competition.

Author: Alexey Sapotnitsky, Associate Professor, 1st Department of Pediatric Diseases, BSMU, illustration provided by the author

Translation: Tatiana Malkovich