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15 April 2022 г.

On the tatami – the strongest judoists of higher education institutions of the country

On the tatami – the strongest judoists of higher education institutions of the country

From April 7 to 9, the Republican Universiade – 2022 in judo was held on the basis of the Olympic sports complex 'Staiki'. The strongest representatives of this type of martial arts from 27 institutions of higher education met on the tatami in their weight categories.

Of the eight possible representatives from each participating team provided for by the regulations of the Universiade, the team of Belarusian State Medical University was represented by five young athletes. The composition of the national team, as the results of our young and ambitious judoists have shown, is not the number, but self–confidence and psychological readiness, where each of the participants proved himself as a true wrestler. After all, in judo, it is not so much the physical parameters that are important, as the technique and tactics.

Each duel was accompanied by an effective attack on the opponent or protection from his attack. The first day of the competition brought a silver award to Artem Sapegin, when he competed in the +100 weight category and took second place. But it didn't seem enough to him, and on the second day Artem also wins the second place in the absolute weight category. And he got a second silver medal.

Yaroslav Shevtsov showed excellent qualities of a wrestler, taking third place in 60 kg weight category, as a result – a bronze medal.

Gleb Churilo showed miracles of dedication in the fight for the bronze medal, fought with broken fingers, taking 5th place in the 100 category.

Shirnazar Ainazarov showed excellent technical qualities in up to 90 kg weight category, taking 7th place, winning one duel and losing two.

In up to 81 kg category Ivan Petrovich showed character and will to win, winning one fight and losing two fights.

Excellent performance of the men's national judo team, which, having scored a total of 94 points, took the 6th team place.

We congratulate the guys on their success and wish them new and bright victories in the future!

Author: BSMU Sports Club; photo provided by the sports club

Translation: Anastasiya Karnacheva