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1 June 2022 г.

Teachers of the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics reported the results of their research at the 9th All-Russian Congress of the Society of Hand Surgeons

Teachers of the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics reported the results of their research at the 9th All-Russian Congress of the Society of Hand Surgeons

9th All-Russian Congress of the Society of Hand Surgeons was held in Yaroslavl (Russian Federation) on May 26-28. The Belarusian delegation took part in its work, which included representatives of the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics of Belarusian State Medical University, specialists in the field of wrist surgery – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Alexey Volotovski, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Andrey Bespalchuk, assistant Alexandra  Titova, PhD student of the Department Ignat Shamko, as well as doctors of healthcare institutions “6th City Clinical Hospital of Minsk”.

The congress was organized by the Interregional Public Organization “Society of Hand Surgeons – Wrist Group”, the State Autonomous Healthcare Institution of  Yaroslavl Region “Clinical Emergency Hospital named after N.V.Solovyov”, Yaroslavl State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the Department of Health and Pharmacy of the Yaroslavl Region, the Association of Doctors of Volga Federal District.

More than 340 specialists from Yaroslavl, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg, Volgograd, Kazan, Krasnodar and Vladivostok came to exchange new achievements in wrist surgery. Participation in the forum of specialists from the Republic of Belarus gave it the status of an international one.

The traditional instructional course of the congress was devoted this time to all aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of fractures and fractures-dislocations of the wrist bones. Various problems of wrist surgery, including carpal surgery, issues of injuries microsurgery, wrist diseases and their consequences, congenital wrist pathology and its treatment were raised at the forum sessions.

Professor Alexey Volotovski co-chaired one of the breakout sessions of the Congress devoted to the pathology of the forearm and carpal, and made a presentation on “Experience in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of Kinbeck's disease”. Andrey Bespalchuk presented the results of pathology treatment in patients with carpal injuries “The technique of open reinsertion of the triangular fibrocartilage complex of the distal radioulnar joint with its long-standing injuries”, Alexandra Titova – “The use of hyaluronic acid preparations in the surgical restoration of flexor tendons”.

The congress program turned out to be very rich, the reports revealed a variety of modern problems of wrist surgery. For the first time, a separate instructional course for wrist therapists was held within the framework of the forum, unfortunately, simultaneously with the main breakout sessions. However, this did not prevent wrist surgeons from participating in the discussion of the most significant issues of patient rehabilitation with wrist pathology.

The Forum was held in a businesslike, constructive and friendly atmosphere. In the final resolution of the Congress, it was decided to move to the annual all-Russian congresses of the society of hand surgeons. The next such event is scheduled for early June 2023 in Novosibirsk.

Author: Alexey Volotovski, Dean of BSMU Faculty of General Medicine;

Photo is provided by the author;

Translation: Anastasiya Karnacheva.