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31 May 2022 г.

The Head of BSMU Department of Epidemiology presented a report at VIII Congress of the Euro-Asian Society for Infectious Diseases

The Head of BSMU Department of Epidemiology presented a report at VIII Congress of the Euro-Asian Society for Infectious Diseases

Academic science is an integral part of the professional and creative activity of every high school teacher. Participation in such scientific events as congresses, conferences, seminars, symposiums, including outside the Republic of Belarus, presentation of research results and exchange of experience with foreign colleagues is a powerful incentive for further research activities and professional growth.

From May 17 to May 19, VIII Congress of the Euro-Asian Society for Infectious Diseases was held in St. Petersburg. What is especially pleasant, after a two-year period of online work due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year the congress was held in full-time format. This became possible due to the improvement of the COVID-19 epidemiological situation.

The scientific event was of a large-scale nature. After all, during the three days of the congress, 125 scientific reports were presented on topical scientific areas of infectious diseases, epidemiology, immunology, virology, medical parasitology, pulmonology, pediatrics and other medical specialties. In addition to the plenary session, there were 30 scientific sections, seminars and symposiums. Specialists from various regions of the Russian Federation, as well as scientists from Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Belarus presented the results of their research activities.

The congress was attended by about 1,600 employees of scientific, practical and clinical centers, educational institutions, healthcare institutions and other organizations, some of which took part online.

Of course, many scientific reports were devoted to the issues of diagnosis, treatment, prevention, medical rehabilitation and other aspects of COVID-19. And this is not surprising, because the pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been going on for about two and a half years. During this period, 529,071,860 people fell ill with a new coronavirus infection in the world and 6,288,030 patients died.

BSMU Department of Epidemiology was represented by its head, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Irina Valchuk with an oral report 'The experience of Belarus in minimizing the medical and social consequences of COVID-19', which was prepared jointly with the associate Professor of BSMU Department of Epidemiology, Candidate of Medical Sciences Inna Fedorova.

The report revealed the preventive aspects of the formed and effectively functioning comprehensive system, which counteracts the spread of a new coronavirus infection in Belarus, allows minimizing the medical and social consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic and conditions the control of the sanitary and epidemiological situation in our country.

By the way, this presentation aroused the interest of the moderators and participants of the seminar. Specialists from Russia and Kazakhstan paid due attention to the national vaccination program against COVID-19 and highly appreciated the formed system of prevention and control of coronavirus infection in Belarus.

In conclusion, it should be noted that participation in such scientific events enriches the professional and spiritual life of specialists and teachers of the medical university, helps to broaden scientific horizons and intensify international communications.

Author: Irina Valchuk, Head of BSMU Department of Epidemiology,

Photos are provided by the author;

Translation: Anastasiya Karnacheva.