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3 June 2022 г.

Belarusian State and Nanjing Medical Universities have signed an expanded cooperation agreement

Belarusian State and Nanjing Medical Universities have signed an expanded cooperation agreement

Nanjing Medical University (People's Republic of China) has been a partner of Belarusian State Medical University since 2019, when during the visit of BSMU Vice-Rector for International Relations, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Vasili Roudenok to Nanjing, an agreement on bilateral academic and scientific cooperation was concluded.

By the way, Nanjing Medical University has an almost 90-year history. It is included in C9 League, in the national ranking – in the Top 10 best educational institutions of the republic, and in the international ranking it also holds good positions.

This higher educational institution offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs, postdoctoral research. It consists of an independent school, Kangda College and 16 schools (most of the schools are designed to study medicine, public health, and other areas of medical care). The university is actively developing international exchange and cooperation programs, in which students and teachers go abroad to study and work with research institutions and medical schools in the UK, USA, Australia, Germany, Japan and France. In addition, Nanjing Medical University is a partner organization of the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research at the World Health Organization.

...A significant event of cooperation between Belarusian State and Nanjing Medical Universities was the holding of a joint training seminar for medical professionals on topical clinical issues of coronavirus infection COVID-19. And on June 23, a joint online conference on current issues of dentistry is planned.

The increase in the space for joint contacts served as an impetus for signing an expanded agreement on academic and scientific cooperation. The ceremony took place on the final day of this spring online. It was attended by Rector of Belarusian State Medical University, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Sergey Rubnikovich, Vice-Rector for International Relations, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Vasili Roudenok, Director of Eurasia Consulting LLC Wei Chunlei, with whom the leadership of Nanjing Medical University was in video communication.

– In accordance with the expanded agreement, we offer partners from Nanjing Medical University to cooperate in the following areas: improvement of educational technologies and teaching methods, development of academic and student mobility programs, exchange of pedagogical, scientific and clinical experience, scientific and practical interaction on topical issues of medicine and pharmacy, etc., - said Sergey Rubnikovich. – I am convinced that the signing of this agreement will become a new stage of partnership relations between our universities.

In turn, the Chinese side stressed the productivity of the existing relations between Belarusian State Medical University and Nanjing Medical University and expressed confidence that now they will become even stronger, because both higher educational institutions have something to share with each other both in terms of the educational process, and in terms of science, medical work and other activities of mutual interest.

From now on, an important legal document that will determine the success of cooperation in the coming years will be signed by the rector of Belarusian State Medical University, Professor Sergei Rubnikovich and the president of Nanjing Medical University, Professor Hu Zhibin.

Oksana Kurbeko, BSMU spokesperson;

Photo by Dmitry Zelenkovsky;

Translation: Anastasiya Karnacheva.