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17 June 2022 г.

Foreign students from BSMU won two diplomas at the contest "Music unites all – 2022"

Foreign students from BSMU won two diplomas at the contest

Representatives of six universities took part in the Open Song Performance Competition in Russian among foreign students "Music Unites All – 2022": Belarusian State Medical University, Grodno State Medical University, Minsk Linguistic University, Yanka Kupala Grodno State Medical University, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia and Kursk Medical University. The competition organizers were the Department of the Russian and Belarusian Languages of Grodno State Medical University.

BSMU was represented by Sofia Verman (Estonia) with the song "Childhood is me and you", Damakhe Shivani (India) with the song “Chopin”, the duet Alice Polyakova (Russia) and Madiba Zhad Karen Eleison with the song "In the dugout", the quartet of students from India "Matryoshki". Love for music, the Russian language and Russian song united representatives of different countries and peoples.

Among the works (and there are more than 60) there were many patriotic songs – "Katyusha", "Cranes", "Darkie", "Childhood is me and you", modern hits about love, friendship, loyalty and a happy peaceful childhood. To get acquainted with the works of the contestants, the organizers have created their own YouTube channel. And there are already more than 800 subscribers, and the videos have gained thousands of views.

Congratulations to the students of BSMU Medical Faculty for International Students Sofia Verman and Shivani Damakhe, who have replenished the piggy bank of awards and presented honorably their Alma Mater, taking third places! It is impossible not to mention the international duet, which was composed by Alice Polyakova and Madiba Zhad Karen Eleison, as well as a quartet of students from India "Matryoshka Dolls". They have prepared original videos. Well done! We are proud of you!

Author: Alla Sharapa, senior lecturer of BSMU Belarusian and Russian Languages Department, illustrations provided by the author and from public sources;

Translation: Anastasiya Karnacheva.