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17 August 2022 г.

Students of the General Medicine and Pediatric Faculties of Belarusian State Medical University completed practical training in Moscow

Students of the General Medicine and Pediatric Faculties of Belarusian State Medical University completed practical training in Moscow

International cooperation with leading medical universities around the world and student academic mobility have been among the priorities of Belarusian State Medical University’s development for many years. The exchange of knowledge and experience with foreign colleagues has become a necessary component of quality education in the era of globalization. In the modern realities that has recently developed in the world, a unique opportunity to complete a two-week practical training abroad was presented to the fifth-year students of our university. Within the framework of international cooperation and bilateral exchange, 11 students of the General Medicine and Pediatric Faculties underwent part of the medical clinical practice at the I. M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University from July 4 to 15.

Practical training was conducted with future Belarusian doctors in therapy, pediatrics, adult and pediatric surgery, obstetrics and gynecology. The practice was organized on the basis of the departments of the University Clinical Hospital No. 4, the City Clinical Hospital named after S. P. Botkin, the City Children's Clinical Hospital No. 9 named after G. N. Speransky, the perinatal Center of the City Clinical Hospital No. 67.

Every day students attended conferences, consultations, patient rounds, performed medical manipulations both independently and as assistants, participated in the appointment of diagnostic measures and medicines, analysis of complex clinical cases, attended minimally invasive and high-tech operations, including as assistants.

Our students were given the opportunity to visit the Institute of Urology and Reproductive Health, where they got acquainted with the principles of robotic surgery at the Da Vinci SI complex. Currently, this type of surgical intervention is successfully used for the treatment of oncourological patients. Future doctors had the opportunity not only to observe the course of the operation, but also to try themselves at the operator's console.

In addition, the students visited the Medical Simulation Center of Botkin Hospital, where they studied the phantoms and simulators available there. The highly specialized clinics presented realistically simulate the working environment familiar to practical healthcare professionals with high-tech professional equipment. The special emotions and impressions of the students were caused by the training room with a simulation of a terrorist attack in the subway and the multifunctional innovative 5D virtual complex "Disaster Medicine". These simulator complexes are designed to practice practical first aid skills in emergency situations and are as close to reality as possible.

Of course, there was also an entertainment program. In their free time, the students visited various attractions, galleries, museums and other memorable places. An excursion to the History Museum of Medicine of Sechenov University was also organized. There, students got acquainted with exhibits dedicated to the foundation and further development of the university and Russian medicine from 1755 to the 1940s, the history of medicine during the Great Patriotic War, visited the memorial room of the Soviet Union’s Hero Nadezhda Troyan.

At the end of the practical training, a meeting was held with the international department’s management of Sechenov Medical University, where Belarusian students shared their impressions of the practice, told about the knowledge and skills acquired in Moscow, and thanked the university management for this opportunity. Future doctors noted many positive aspects associated with their two-week clinical practice, and also discussed directions for further development and improvement of the practice organization. Our guys were presented with gifts and certificates of practical training.

Author: Alisa Good, a student of BSMU Pediatric Faculty;

Photos are taken from the students’ personal archives;

Translation: Anastasiya Karnacheva.