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8 November 2022 г.

Independence Day in different countries

Independence Day in different countries

The theme of the meeting of the Internationalist club, created at the Department of Belarusian and Russian Languages, was the celebration of Independence Day in different countries. More recently, this holiday was celebrated by students from Turkmenistan. On October 18, BSMU celebrated the Day of Restoration of the state Independence of Azerbaijan. Inspired by the idea of telling about the traditions of celebrating Independence Day in their countries, the members of the Internationalist club held the meeting dedicated to this holiday.

The event was attended by Dean of The Faculty of Career Guidance and Pre-University Training, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Nikolai Alkhovik, Head of the Department of Belarusian and Russian Languages, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Tatiana Melnikova, Deputy Head of Educational Work Daria Petrovskaya, teachers of the department. The meeting brought together more than 50 students of The Medical Faculty for Foreign Students and the Pharmaceutical Faculty.

In his welcoming speech, Nikolay Alkhovik stressed that Independence Day is an important event in the life of every country, wished the students success and thanked them for their active participation in the cultural life of the university.

Students talked about the traditions of celebrating Independence Day in the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation, Turkmenistan, Lebanon, India, Nigeria, watched presentations and videos dedicated to each state.

The performances of all participants were imbued with love for the motherland and pride for it. Despite the excitement, everyone tried to adequately represent their country, to create a vivid impression of national traditions and customs among the guests.

In the end, Tatiana Melnikova noted the warm and friendly atmosphere in the audience, thanked the students for their confident command of the Russian language, especially emphasizing the achievements of students from English-speaking groups. She expressed hope that such events will gather more participants, and will also help representatives of different states to reach agreement and mutual understanding.

The Internationalist Club thanks the guests and participants of the event, and also invites everyone to future meetings.

Author: Anna Alekseenko, Head of the Internationalist Club

Photo: Daria Petrovskaya

Translation: Nadezhda Kolyago