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2 November 2018 г.

1st Panadriatic Meeting on Medical Sciences.

1st Panadriatic Meeting

On October 19-20, 2018 the 1st Panadriatic Meeting on Medical Sciences took place in Budva, Montenegro.

The meeting was organized by the Italian Society of Medical Sciences SISMED, and hosted by the Clinical Center of Podgorica under the patronage of the Ministry of Health of Montenegro and the Society of Cardiology of Montenegro.

The meeting participants, doctors of outpatient and hospital institutions of the countries of the Adriatic Sea and friendly states, for two days discussed the issues of diagnosis and treatment of noncommunicable diseases as the main cause of mortality.

The key topics of the lectures were:

“New technologies in cardiology: the future is here” - Professor Franco Romeo, Rome, Italy; "Ventricular function: beyond ejection fraction " - Professor Giuseppe Guljaci, Milan, Italy; "Diagnosis of acute and chronic heart failure" - Associate Professor of the Department of General Medical Practice, BSMU, Natalia N. Moroz-Vodolazhskaya, Minsk, Belarus; “Rehabilitation of patients with heart failure” Slobodan Dodic, Novy Sad, Serbia, “Cardiotoxicity of anticancer drugs: diagnosis, prevention and long-term consequences” - Nicola Maurea, Naples, Italy and others.

In the educational sections, young doctors presented cases from practice. In the course of scientific discussions and communication there was an exchange of experience in the framework of topics of lectures, reports and a step-by-step analysis of the presented clinical cases.

In conclusion, a decision was made to organize an annual meeting of representatives of the medical communities of the Adriatic Sea and friendly countries. Participants were invited to discuss the possibility of greater involvement of the teaching staff and young doctors in the following meetings.

Translation: A.Karnacheva

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