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27 February 2023 г.

PharmOlymp 2023

PharmOlymp 2023

On February 10-22, students of the Pharmaceutical Faculty of our Alma mater took part in the All-Russian Olympiad with international participation in pharmacy ''PharmOlymp 2023'', dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Saratov State Medical University named after V. I. Razumovsky.

Students of the 2nd-5th courses of the Pharmaceutical Faculty of Belarusian State Medical University joined the 'ProFarm' team (Veronika Voravko, Ekaterina Gonzhurova, Marina Ilyutchik, Elena Malashkova, Denis Novash, Daniella Tabakova, Alexander Fisyuk, Vitaly Tsvirko) under the strict guidance of the curator, the Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor Roman Lukashov. The event was attended by 248 people as part of 31 national teams from Belarus, Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan.

The Olympiad was consisted of four stages:

1. Video presentation of teams – from February 10 to 17. Here all participants need to make a short video and tell about their university, faculty, introduce team members and reveal their scientific interests. 'ProFarm' coped with this task with a bang, sharing first place with the national teams from Moscow and Kazan.

2. Online testing (team participation). On February 20, it took place on the platform The testing covered all disciplines studied at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

3. Pharmacological blitz tournament (team participation). Also was held on the platform The 'ProFarm' team shown good knowledge in the field of the history of the creation and discovery of medicines and took the first place.

4. Solving situational problems (individual participation). On February 21, included the following disciplines: 'Analytical Chemistry', 'Microbiology, 'Organic chemistry', 'Pharmacy Management and Economics', 'Pharmacognosy', 'Pharmaceutical Botany', 'Pharmaceutical Technology', 'Pharmaceutical Chemistry'. Completing the tasks of this tour was not difficult for our guys, which affected the results:

  • 'Organic Chemistry' – the 3rd place (Denis Novash, 5th year),
  • 'Pharmaceutical technology' – the 2nd place (Alexander Fisyuk, 4th year),
  • 'Pharmacy Management and Economics' – the 2nd place (Daniella Tabakova, 5th year),
  • 'Microbiology' – the 1st place (Vitaly Tsvirko, 3rd year),
  • 'Analytical Chemistry' – the 1st place (Veronika Voravko, 3rd year),
  • 'Pharmaceutical chemistry' – the 1st place (Elena Malashkova, 4th year).

Following the results of the Olympiad, the 'ProFarm' team of the Pharmaceutical Faculty of the Belarusian State Medical University has risen to the top step of the pedestal of honor!

Congratulations to the guys and their curator! Keep up the great work!



Author: Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Photo by the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Translation: Anastasia Manko