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20 March 2023 г.

Famous and unknown China

Famous and unknown China

On March 17, continuing the good tradition of familiarization with the national culture and customs of different countries, the club «Internationalist» and the national society of Chinese students of Belarusian State Medical University organized the thematic evening at the Department of Belarusian and Russian Languages 'Famous and unknown China'.

The event was attended by the Head of the Department of Belarusian and Russian Languages, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Tatiana Melnikova, teachers of the department, curators and members of the national society of Chinese. The guests of the meeting were students of the Faculty of Career Guidance and Pre-University Training as well as students of the Medical Faculty for Foreign Students from Jordan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Yemen, Syria, Tajikistan, Congo, Georgia, Lebanon and other countries.

Tatiana Melnikova addressed the audience with a welcoming speech. She expressed confidence that all students share the desire to maintain friendship with representatives of different countries, to conduct a dialogue based on respect and acceptance of the culture, traditions and customs of each nation, which such meetings are designed to help.

The program was attended by students of the Faculty of Career Guidance and Pre-University Training Li Diang Chen, Li Yu, Han Sanyuan, Ji Longwei, Zhang Jiakang, He Zhilin, Al Fayumi Ismail, Huseynov Fuad. They prepared an informative presentation about China, acquainted the participants with an interesting national holiday – Tree Planting Day, read poems in Russian and Chinese, told an old legend about the Tree of Goodness.

The participants of the evening prepared a symbolic gift for the guests – small sprouts of flowers, with which everyone could support the initiative of the Chinese people to improve the environmental situation.

In China, this holiday began to be celebrated in 1924, when scientists proved that there is only one way to avoid drought, floods and land desertification – to have a lot of forests in the country. It is important not only to take care of the forests that already exist, but also to plant trees as much as possible. Every inhabitant of the Celestial Empire should plant at least 3 trees, and even better – 5.

In modern China, this day has become a real national holiday. People are happy to plant new trees for future forests. Scientists have estimated that 50 billion trees have been planted in China over the years of the holiday's existence. This is a wonderful result!

The event also featured a unique exhibition of national souvenirs, clothing and decor items, books, handmade products from China. The attention of the audience was attracted by the works of a student of group 6251 Xiu Ru Yuen, made in watercolor.

At the end of the meeting, the Head of the Department of Belarusian and Russian Languages Tatiana Melnikova paid attention to the good level of language demonstrated by the participants of the event, and stressed the need to improve the skills of oral public speech. She added, that the meeting was pleasant and interesting, thanked its organizers and participants, and expressed the hope that representatives of other nationalities will share this initiative and, in the future, will have a lot of exciting stories about different states and their customs.

Club «Internationalist» and national society of Chinese students of Belarusian State Medical University thank everyone for organizing and holding the meeting and invite to future events.

Author: curators of national society of Chinese students of Belarusian State Medical University Tatiana Kuzmina, Snezhana Bukhovets; Head of the club «Internationalist» Anna Alekseenko

Photo by participants of the event