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22 May 2023 г.

The team «Phoenix» adequately presented BSMU at international forums on sanatorium treatment

The team «Phoenix» adequately presented BSMU at international forums on sanatorium treatment

Students of the Faculty of General Medicine of Belarusian State Medical University took part in the V International Olympiad on Medical Rehabilitation and Spa Treatment, which took place at the end of April in Moscow (Russian Federation). The Phoenix team was formed from the students of the circle of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy of BSMU, which was made up of 6th–year students - Sofia Okhapkina (captain), Daria Vitorskaya, Elizaveta Dubovets, 5th–year student Elena Lyakhovets and 4th-year student Arseniy Putikov.

Our team, a representative of the Republic of Belarus, was the only foreign contestant. The rest of the teams represented various medical universities of Russian cities – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saratov, Smolensk, Omsk and others.

The team of Belarusian State Medical University took part in the Olympiad for the second time, and since last year the guys took second place in the team competition, this time they were invited without participating in the qualifying round. Some of the guys from the silver medalist team of last year's Olympics are now interns, and, according to the rules, they cannot participate in the event. Therefore, 'Phoenix', updated by students for whom medical rehabilitation and physiotherapy are not just a discipline of the curriculum, provided an intellectual and scientific 'assault'.The current composition of the national team is the guys who are engaged in the scientific circle of the department and combine training sessions with sports training. For them, the direction of medical rehabilitation is known firsthand. Many of the students experienced the therapeutic effect of rehabilitation technologies and physiotherapy methods after injuries, and someone, being an athlete, needed to recover after sports training. Therefore, the experience multiplied by the knowledge gained during classes at the department and in scientific research became the basis for speaking at the Olympiad.

The competition program consisted of various nominations: 'Home video task', 'Rehabilitation crossword puzzle', 'Emergency medical care', 'Massage and kinesiotaping', 'VR technologies in rehabilitation', etc. And they were all very, very complicated.

The Olympians were asked to prepare a home video task on the topic 'Patient-oriented team'. Our guys showed ingenuity and creative approach. And in this nomination they got the 7th place. In the category 'Emergency medical care' they were in third place, while the organizers of the Olympiad noted the high level of training of the Belarusian team in providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

In the nomination 'Massage and kinesiotaping' Phoenix shared the third place with the teams 'Pulse' and 'Free Wind' (Russia).

The team of Belarusian State Medical University took part in the V International Scientific and Practical Conference of students and young scientists 'Modern aspects of medical rehabilitation and spa treatment' on the same days. The guys successfully performed at the forum, presenting three scientific papers that did not go unnoticed by the authoritative jury.

Students of our Alma Mater took the top steps of the podium in the nomination 'Physiotherapy and physical therapy in the process of medical rehabilitation':

- 1st place – report of the 4th year student of the Faculty of General Medicine Arseniy Putikov on the topic 'Risks of long-term consequences and their prevention after metallosteosynthesis of forearm bones' (scientific supervisor – Alyona Vanda);

- 2nd place – report of the 3rd year student of the Faculty of General Medicine Anastasia Gerasko on the topic 'Medical rehabilitation of elbow joint injuries' (supervisor – Lyudmila Malkevich).

In the nomination 'Medical rehabilitation and physical therapy', the 3rd place was awarded to the report of the 5th-year student of the Faculty of General Medicine Elena Lyakhovets on the topic 'Advantages of the balance method in the treatment of scoliotic disease'. Congratulations to the smart, inquisitive and knowledge-seeking students of BSMU!

And we also thank the university management and teachers who helped in preparing for the Olympiad: Head of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Lyudmila Malkevich, assistant of the Department Alena Vanda, Assistant of the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics Viktor Chirak, Assistant of the Department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Ekaterina Koroleva, Head of the Laboratory of Functional Diagnostics of the RRCC Sports Anna Zakharevich, head of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation of the RSPC of Sports Alina  Semkina.

Vivat Academia! Vivant professōres!

Author: Department of Medical Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy of BSMU

Photo provided by the author

Translation: Nadezhda Kolyago