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24 May 2023 г.

The international competition of scientific research works "Student of the Year 2023" was won by the students of the Dental Faculty

The international competition of scientific research works

The international research competition "Student of the Year 2023" was held on May 15. Its organizer is the International Center for Scientific Partnership "New Science", a member of the International Association of Publishers of Scientific Literature Publishers International Linking Association.

In the nomination "Medical Sciences", the winners of the competition were students of the Dental Faculty of Belarusian State Medical University:

Anastasia Anisova, group 7101, for the research work "Topographic-anatomical and morphometric features of the anterior superior alveolar nerve canal" (scientific supervisors – Yulia  Melnichenko, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Sergey Kabak, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor);

Ksenia Korneeva, group 7108, for research work "Variant anatomy of spinous processes of cervical vertebrae according to computed tomography" (scientific supervisors – Sergey Kabak, MD, Professor, Valentina Zatochnaya, PhD, Associate Professor);

Sofia Trabo, group 7209, Ulyana Shpetnaya, group 7204, for the research work "Options for pneumatization of the sphenoid bone" (scientific supervisors – Sergey Kabak, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Yulia Melnichenko, Candidate of Medical Sciences, associate professor).

We sincerely congratulate the students and scientific supervisors on their well-deserved victory in the competition! We wish you perseverance, faith, enthusiasm, efficiency, perseverance, new ideas and their flawless execution.

Author: Valentina Zatochnaya, Associate Professor of the Department of Human Morphology at BSMU
photo provided by the author
Translation: Nadezhda Kolyago