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13 December 2018 г.

Practical course “Simulation in medical education” at the Belarusian State Medical University.

Practical course “Simulation in medical education”

From December 03, 2018 to December 06, 2018 practical training on “Simulation training in medicine. Simulation technology. Development and conduction of practical skills training. Development and implementation of complex clinical scenarios” was held for the faculty members in the Center of practical training of BSMU.

The training was conducted by Evgeny G. Ripp, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of the Center for Medical Simulation, Assessment and Certification of the Siberian State Medical University. Evgeny G. Ripp is a Member of the Board of the Russian Society of Simulation Training in Medicine (ROSOMED), ROSOMED Expert on Accreditation of Simulation and Accreditation Centers, Chairman of the Tomsk Regional Branch of ROSOMED, Full Instructor of the European Resuscitation Council (ERC), Full Member of SSIH, SESAM, ERC, ESA, WRA, Chief external specialist in anesthesiology and reanimatology of the Siberian Federal Research and Clinical Center of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia.

Within 4 days, 8 faculty members were trained on simulation issues.

Evgeny G. Ripp paid great attention to the structure of simulation training. Psychology plays a big role here. It is important for the faculty members to introduce themselves, to get acquainted with students' group, to present the main points of the future lesson. All these seemingly understandable and not always noticeable moments greatly increase the efficiency of the subsequent material mastering both for students and doctors.

During the first two days of classes faculty members made standard simulation modules. The issues of modern views on the composition of tests, assessment sheets, training materials were discussed. And then the newly developed modules were worked “on each other” in the framework of the 4-stage method, identifying inaccuracies and increasing clarity and proximity to reality.

The third and fourth day of the training were devoted to the development of complex clinical scenarios and debriefing. Here a lot of time was devoted to compiling algorithms for clinical situations and its implementation on high-tech interactive mannequins.

The topic of debriefing - the teacher's feedback process after scenario simulation module - was of particular interest to all participants. The most important goal of the debriefing is to help the students to identify their shortcomings and motivate them to improve their knowledge and skills during the discussion. It is important to take into account many psychological points, for example, to avoid value judgments addressed to students and doctors.

Despite a very rich program four days of training passed very quickly. Participants received a lot of new knowledge, scripts and algorithms for working in the Center of practical training, as well as ideas for further development. In conclusion each of the participants received a certificate of successful completion of the “Train The Trainer course”.

In the future it is planned to hold workshops for faculty members where course participants will share the knowledge and experience they have gained.

Authors: Natalia Mironchik, Head of the Center of Practical Training; Alexey Sapotnitsky, Assistant of the 1st Department of Pediatric Diseases;
Translation: A.Karnacheva.

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