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11 February 2019 г.

Belarus is getting closer to us. A trip to the park-museum of interactive history "Sula".

Belarus is getting closer to us.

At the Belarusian State Medical University it has become a good tradition to acquaint foreign students with the historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of the Belarusian people. One of the most popular forms of such work are excursions. On January 30, an excursion to the park-museum of interactive history 'Sula' took place.

The first in Belarus park-museum of interactive history is located in a picturesque place on the bank of the river Sula. Here the fine line between the present and the past is erased and the wonderful world of a bygone era opens.


Visiting this amazing place, the guys touched the history of Belarus. Long-forgotten charm of a quiet and measured manor life and beautiful nature gave foreign students an unforgettable vacation! They met with the smith and pottery craft, ride on a sleigh, learned new things about the country in which they are now studying and living. The tour left a lot of impressions and positive emotions. Communication with each other, acquaintance with interesting historical facts, Belarusian nature - all this helped to have a good rest and have a good time.All participants express great gratitude to the university administration for the opportunity to touch a part of the history of Belarus.

Department of educational work in hostels.

Translation: A.Karnacheva