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11 November 2019 г.

Milestones in life


Every year at the same commemorative date – November 1, the Belarusian State Medical University celebrates the University Day – the birthday of our Alma Mater.

The University Day is traditionally the day when the results of work are summed up, past experience is analyzed and new near and long term goals are determined.

This year the organizers of the of the festive event set a very ambitious goal – to make a tour through the history of our Alma Mater from the very beginning when the University was established to the present time.

So that the adventure begins.

The beloved folk theater “Med.uni.tsa” appears on the stage performing a capello a welcoming song of 1939 - “We are glad to see you,” thereby opening the time portal from the past to the present and vice versa.

The glory history of Belarusian State Medical University captured in pictures and on television were replaced by small artistic sketches that reflected the spirit of that time (Folk artistic team “Panacea”, Folk theater “Aesculapius”, Student Theater of variety miniatures “Epidemic”).

The performance reflected how the mentality, fashion, and people's dreams changed over the years but the main goal remained unchanged - to help people, take care of the health of the nation, passing the accumulated knowledge across generations (Student Theater of variety miniatures “Biolakt”).

A special page of the history of our University was written in 1963, when the University opened its doors for foreign students for the first time. There were only 6 students in the remote 1963. But nowadays more than one and a half thousand foreign students from 58 countries of the world study at the Belarusian State Medical University mastering their future profession.

The years passed making a lane for new milestones in the glory history of our Alma Mater.

Vice-Rector for academic and educational work Pavel V. Markautsan in his solemn speech emphasized that for 98 years the Belarusian State Medical University gave a start of professional career to many young doctors and pharmacists. Vice-Rector Pavel V. Markautsan wished students and teachers successful career, health and new great achievements for the benefit of our Alma Mater.

Vice-Rector Pavel V. Markautsan also summed up the results of the traditional contest “Student of the Year” and presented the well-deserved awards to its participants. Vice-Rector noted that the participants and finalists of this competition have remarkable achievements not only in their studies, but also in the social, scientific, and sports life of the university.

The artists of Ballroom Dance Studio “Elegance” appeared in the hall. The couples spun in a whirlwind of waltz: students invited teachers, and teachers invited students. Everybody was happy, full of smiles and shining eyes. The holiday ends.

The festive ceremony is over, but a piece of this wonderful festive atmosphere will undoubtedly remain in the heart of each of its participants!

Happy Birthday, Alma Mater!

Authors: Student Club
Photo: Dmitry Zelenkovsky, Irina Malinovskaya
Translation: Varvara Boika

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