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4 October 2018 г.

28th International Congress of the European Respiratory Society.

28th International Congress

From September 15 to September 19, 2018 the 28th International Congress of the European Respiratory Society (European Respiratory Society, ERS) was held in Paris. The congress is held annually and is the largest event for professionals involved in respiratory medicine. In recent years this forum has gathered more than 20,000 delegates who present the results of the most relevant research conducted in medical and scientific centers in Europe, China, Japan, India, Australia, Israel, the United States and other countries. The most outstanding achievements are honored with awards and prizes, which are presented at a plenary session at the opening ceremony of the Congress.

Respiratory medicine covers all areas of practical and research activities in the field of therapy and the study of pathological mechanisms leading to respiratory diseases. Subjects of the Congress include the entire spectrum of lung diseases, including tuberculosis, lung cancer, chronic and acute respiratory failure, respiratory disorders during sleep, interstitial lung diseases, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma. The scientific program includes thematic sections falling within the scope of interests of thoracic surgeons, pulmonologists, pediatricians, resuscitators, general practitioners, nurses for patient care, physiotherapists, functional diagnostics doctors, as well as scientists and related health care professionals. This year, special attention has been paid to the importance of the environment for respiratory health, the need for personalization of respiratory medicine, interaction with microorganisms and the role of intercellular signaling in the mechanisms of damage and regeneration of the lungs.

All activities carried out within the framework of the Congress are aimed at the optimization and development of respiratory medicine, the intensification of scientific research, education, training and professional development of specialists. Equally important, there are excellent opportunities for expanding contacts, discussing research results and future projects, and finding effective forms of international cooperation. Much attention is paid to the support of young scientists. They can meet with experts, use the opportunity to report on the results of their research at a representative forum along with recognized authorities, be awarded grants to attend advanced courses and scientific symposia.

Under the guidance of Professor Taganovicht the Department of Biological Chemistry of our university conduct studies aimed at uncovering the molecular-cellular mechanisms underlying the development of fibrosing lung diseases, and developing effective methods for its treatment. Employees of the department actively present the results of scientific work at scientific conferences of the republican and international level. Thus at the International Congress-2018 of the European Respiratory Society in Paris three reports were presented dedicated to the development mechanism of steroid resistance in COPD and to the restoring methods of molecular disorders caused by exposure to high oxygen concentrations on the lungs and leading to the development of pulmonary dysplasia.


With gratitude for the opportunity all participants of the Congress noted a significant demand for sharing of ideas and knowledge for personal professional growth, improvement of scientific and medical work and achievement of the ultimate goal - improvement of the human health and quality of life.

Author: Irina Kotovich, assistant professor of the Department of Biological Chemistry;
Translation: A.Karnacheva