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8 October 2018 г.

One more step towards adaptation of foreign students.

One more step towards adaptation

“What do I love, what do I believe in ...” - these words are understandable even to foreign students of the preparatory department. That was the name of the concert program of the State Dance Ensemble of the Republic of Belarus. It was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the art director, People’s Artist of the Republic of Belarus Valentin Dudkevich.

This anniversary evening with Belarusian artists, held on October 6 at the Belarusian State Musical Theater, was visited by our foreign students from the preparatory department and from the first and second forms together with the teachers of the Department of Belarusian and Russian Languages.

Congratulations on behalf of the President of the Republic of Belarus and the Ministry of Culture reflected the significance of the contribution of Valentin Dudkevich to the treasury of Belarusian culture and the congratulations of Syrian President caused great interest and respect to the art director and the honored team not only among the present Syrian students, but also among those who came from other countries. Recently the ensemble returned from Syria, where they gave several concerts, which passed with great success.

The anniversary concert gathered the brightest performances that traced the history of the Belarusian people from ancient times to the present. We saw choreographic works of different styles and genres. It was not just dancing but mini-performances transmitting features and color of different times. The students heard the ethnic and modern Belarusian music, saw a bright kaleidoscope of Belarusian costumes, got acquainted with Belarusian humor, in a word, learned more about the Belarusian people and their spiritual values.

After the concert, the guys did not leave the theater for a long time: they took pictures, shared their impressions. 

And we, the teachers of the Department of Belarusian and Russian Languages, were pleased that we were able to give our foreign students a few hours of a wonderful cultural holiday.

Author: Tatyana Samuylova; Senior teacher of the Department of Belarusian and Russian Languages
Translation: A.Karnacheva