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25 October 2018 г.

Navratri festival at BSMU.

Navratri festival

Calendar of India is a continuous series of holidays and festivals. Holidays in India are so bright and colorful that they do not leave anyone indifferent. Every year a festival dedicated to the Divine Mother (Navratri) is held among the Hindus. This year is no exception. Navratri is a sacred holiday for all people of India of divine mother, embodied in the image of the goddess Durga.

The Hindu festival symbolizes the victory of good over evil and is widely celebrated not only in India, but also abroad. Navratri in India is celebrated according to the lunar calendar and falls on October. It is symbolic that the holiday is celebrated in the same period as Mother's Day in Belarus.

Combining religious and cultural themes, Navratri celebrations flow into national music and dance. The staff of the Belarusian State Medical University was lucky to enjoy beautiful music of India, colorful costumes and incendiary dances. For the second year students from India have been studying at the university. They are united in the fraternity, which is supervised by the Department of the Belarusian and Russian languages


The tutors of the groups and the head of the Department of the Belarusian and Russian languages Tatiana N. Melnikova came to support the students and share the joy with them. The festival was also attended by Vice-Rector for educational work Pavel V. Markautsan, dean of the Medical faculty for foreign students Oleg S. Ishutin, deputy dean Eugene A. Chernous. The holiday was organized by representatives of the firm Мatey Abroad Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. and its head Mr. Sah Rama Shankar.

Musical compositions and creative numbers were presented to the attention of the audience. At the end of the festive event, all guests were able to taste national cuisine.

Authors: E. Ivashen, senior teacher of the Department of the Belarusian and Russian languages;
I. Tivari, teacher of the Department of the Belarusian and Russian languages
Tranaslation: A.Karnacheva