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Consultative Out-Patient Clinic

Консультативная поликлиникаOn November 12, 2010 the Rector issued an order to found a consultative out-patient clinic for students at clinical bases of the University departments. The clinic was created to preserve and promote the health of students of the University. It also develops social partnership between the University administration and the students.

The out-patient clinic allows to solve many important problems: to create additional favorable health care conditions aimed at the strengthening of students’ health; to combine health improvement with the educational process in the most effective way. There is certain continuity in the work of the clinical departments and student sanatorium on preservation of health of students: there the students can undergo physiotherapy procedures and other treatment that have been recommended at the departments of the out-patient clinic.

Annually more than 1,000 students get free medical consultations at the departments of the out-patient clinic. Ongoing work and the experience acquired make it possible to improve the work of the clinic for students on a functional basis.   

Currently the consultative out-patient clinic involves the staff of 21 clinical departments of the University in its work.


For more information please call: + 375 (17) 277-17-05 и + 375 (17) 275-24-43.