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Student Health Care Center

Address: hostel #10, 93 Dzerzhinsky Av., Minsk, 220083.
Phone : + 375 17 277-32-00
Schedule of outpatient hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - from 900 to 1600; Tuesday and Thursday from 900 to 1800.


In order to maintain and improve the health of our University students and provide timely medical care, the health care center of BSMU works and sees up to 6,000 students both citizens of Minsk and of other cities.

BSMU health care center consists of two rooms: a procedure room and a doctor’s surgery and is a subdivision of City student clinic #33.

The main tasks of the health care center are to render first medical care to students and to carry out preventive and anti-epidemic work. 

Functions of the health care center: 

— Rendering emergency medical care in case of diseases, injuries and poisonings; calling in an ambulance if necessary.

— Patient consultations; giving permissions to miss classes up to 3 days (up to 5 days for PE classes) if necessary.

— Referral of patients for consultation to City student clinic #33 (non-resident students), or to the district polyclinic (Minsk citizens).

— Referral for an in-patient examination.

— Special care for students with disabilities and those affected by the Chernobyl accident.

— Making lists of students for PE classes and further examinations on the basis of a health certificate for admission to the University.

— Carrying out preventive vaccination.

— Organization and control of an X-ray examination of the students.

— Carrying out anti-epidemic work during outbreaks of infectious diseases; examination of students on infectious skin diseases and pediculosis on arrival at the hostel and after the holidays.