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Address: room 120a, building #5, Dzerzhinsky Ave, 83, Minsk, 220116.
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Each year the Student's Scientific Society Council issues a number of publications:

Students’ research work is one of the most important means of improving the quality of training of specialists who are able to creatively apply scientific achievements to practical medicine.

Scientific research is an integral part of the BSMU students’ life, which is proved by their active participation in the work of a wide range of students' scientific circles of the University, successful presentations at different conferences, both domestic and international ones, as well as publications in medical journals and books of abstracts. BSMU students always stay up-to-date with the developments of medical science, collaborating actively with other universities, both within Belarus and abroad.

All this is due to the presence of a solid foundation and proper coordination of students' research, which is an essential merit of a long-term work of the BSMU Student Scientific Society.

Nowadays, it represents a separate association within the University, having its own charter, organizational structure and a team of individuals, coordinating the work of this body.

The main goals and objectives of our student association are:

Today the Student Scientific Society unites 73 student scientific circles of basic and clinical University departments. Vice-Rector of BSMU Professor O.K. Kulaga is at the head of the work of the University Student Scientific Society. Doctor of Biology, Professor EV Barkovsky is in charge of scientific supervision of its work.

Coordination of the work and accomplishment of the objectives of Student Scientific Society is carried out by the Council, which is headed by the chairman, elected by the members of the Board among the University best students who have made significant contribution to the development of students' science at the University. The chairman is a link between the students and the University Board. We are proud of all our chairmen. Now the majority of them are academics, heads of the departments and research institutes.

The Council has 3 divisions: International, Editorial and Public Relations. Proper and well-coordinated work of their employees determines the organization of major activities and events: annual conference with international participation «Topical problems of modern medicine and pharmacy», the publication of a book of abstracts and the best students’ scientific works.

One of the most important annual events for every BSMU student keen on research is the scientific and practical conference of students and young scientists with international participation «Topical problems of modern medicine and pharmacy» held in spring. Participating in the conference, students have the opportunity to present the results of their research work to the audience and improve their professional knowledge in their chosen subject area.

The number of participants among students from BSMU and from other medical schools is annually increasing. Noteworthy is also a constant increase in the number of foreign participants, indicating the prestige of this conference abroad. The quality of the presented work is steadily improving as well as their scientific potential and practical significance, which, in turn, is supported by the increase in the number of prizes, given to the best student research project. The best scientific works are awarded with the diplomas of the first, second or third categories and their authors are given valuable gifts.

Every year the students’ best research projects which are marked by the conference jury and have practical significance are submitted to the Republican (national) contest of scientific studies undertaken by students of higher educational institutions. BSMU occupies the leading position among the educational institutions of the country in the number and quality of such submissions, as well as their results.

In addition, our students take an active part in scientific conferences and Subject Olympiads of other medical universities in Belarus, CIS and far abroad. Their high achievements in this kind of competitions prove the high quality of medical education, high potential and opportunities of students’ research activities as well as the effectiveness and significance of work of the University Student Scientific Society.

The Student Scientific Society is a living organism constantly improving and developing research capacity and capabilities of our students, determining their professional and science competence. Participation in student research at any BSMU department enables young scientists not only to choose their future profession and acquire the necessary skills, but also teaches them to work independently with a high degree of responsibility increasing the level of their education and ensuring the development of Belarusian medical science in general.