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1st Childhood Diseases 1st Internal Diseases 1st Surgical Diseases 2nd Internal Diseases 2nd Childhood Diseases 2nd Surgical Diseases Anesthesiology and Reanimatology Belarusian and Russian Languages Biological Chemistry Biology Bioorganic Chemistry Cardiology and Internal Diseases Childhood and Adolescent Hygiene Clinical Pharmacology Conservative Dentistry Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases Endocrinology Endodontics Epidemiology Eye Diseases Foreign Languages Forensic Medicine General Chemistry General Dentistry General Hygiene General Medicine General Surgery Histology, Cytology, Embryology Human Morphology Infectious Diseases Latin Language Medical and Biological Physics Medical Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Microbiology, Virology, Immunology Military Epidemiology and Military Hygiene Military Field Surgery Military Field Therapy

Military Health Maintenance Organization and Emergency Medicine Maxillofacial Surgery Nervous and Neurosurgical Diseases Normal Anatomy Normal Physiology Obstetrics and Gynecology Occupational Hygiene Oncology Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy Oral Surgery Organization and Economics of Pharmacy Orthodontics Outpatient Therapy Pathological Anatomy Pathological Physiology Pediatric Dentistry Pediatric Infectious Diseases Pediatric Surgery Periodontology Pharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Technology Pharmacology Philosophy and Political Science Phthisiopulmonology Physical Education and Sport Propaedeutics of Childhood Diseases Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases Prosthetic Dentistry Psychiatry and Medical Psychology Public Health and Healthcare Radiation Medicine and Ecology Radiology & Radiotherapy Skin and Venereal Diseases Traumatology and Orthopedics Urology