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Department of Biology

Adress: 220083 Minsk, Dzerzhinski Ave., 83, building 5.
Tel: +375 17 271-94-13.

The Department of Biology is an independent specialized structural unit of the University which carries out educational, methodical, research and educational work.

The Department of Biology teaches students studying in the specialties 1-79.01.01 'General Medicine', 1-79.01.02 'Pediatrics', 1-79.01.03 'Preventive medicine', 1-79.01.07 'Dentistry', (discipline 'Medical Biology and General Genetics), 1-79.01.08 'Pharmacy' (discipline 'Biology') and also trains full-time and part-time pre-university students. There is also extramural course (discipline 'Biology') for the students studying in the specialty 1-79.01.08 'Pharmacy'.