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Department of General Chemistry

Address: 83. Dzerzhinsky avenue, educational building number 5
Minsk  220083
Phone: + 375 17 277-12-60

The following disciplines are taught at the Department of General Chemistry:

Medical chemistry is a fundamental discipline that combines the most important sections of analytical, physical and colloidal, inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry for future physicians. The study of the discipline by students contributes to their understanding of the physical and chemical foundations of life processes and ensures the widespread use of modern research methods in the study of biomedical and medical problems. Moreover, Medical chemistry incorporates basics of the Medicinal chemistry that is necessary for future drug designers and researchers in the field of molecular medicine.

General and inorganic chemistry is a basic discipline for students of the Faculty of Pharmacy. It includes a course of general and bioinorganic chemistry, generates the knowledge necessary for further study of analytical, organic, physical and colloidal, biological, pharmaceutical, toxicological chemistry, pharmaceutical technology, pharmacognosy. Future pharmacists obtain knowledge, skills and abilities of qualitative and quantitative substantiation and forecasting of products of chemical transformation and interaction of inorganic substances used in pharmacy.

Physical and colloidal chemistry provides students of the Faculty of Pharmacy with the basic knowledge for a more complete and deep study of analytical, toxicological and pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology and pharmaceutical technology, as well as for many physical and chemical research methods in pharmacy. Future pharmacists obtain fundamental knowledge of the mechanisms of processes and phenomena of physical and colloidal chemistry, which are found in pharmaceutical practice when introducing physicochemical methods for the production, analysis and quality control of drugs.

Chemistry is the subject that includes all sections of the program for applicants to universities. It is focused not only on the successful completion of entrance examinations, but also on preparing applicants for the study of chemical disciplines after admission.

Biochemistry is an advanced course for MD students at the second step of higher education, and for PhD students. The program is based on the scientific topics of the Department of General Chemistry: the structural biochemistry of proteins and nucleic acids, as well as molecular evolution, computational biochemistry, bioinformatics.