Main Admission The Rules and Procedure for Admission Procedure for Conducting Interviews with the Applicants

Procedure for Conducting Interviews with the Applicants to the 1st Year of Study

Порядок проведения собеседованияAdmission to the full course of study at the University for foreign citizens and stateless persons permanently residing in foreign countries who do not have evidence of completion of pre-University training departments, preparatory departments, preparatory courses of the universities or the documents issued by the educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus confirming general secondary, vocational, specialized secondary or higher education, is only possible after the interview, allowing to establish proficiency in the language of instruction sufficient to learn the curriculum and defining the level of previous education.

The Interviews are conducted by the Examination Committee set up in accordance with the Order of the Rector of the University.

Interview Procedure

Foreign applicants to BSMU are interviewed in the state language (English or Russian, or Belarusian), Biology and General Chemistry in accordance with the profile specialty, defined by the Rules of Admission to Higher and Secondary Specialized Educational Institutions.

The decision about the exemption from the interview in the profile subject is brought to a foreign citizen not later than the next day after its adoption and is registered in the List of the Interview.

When foreign citizens choose English as a language of training at the University, they are interviewed in English, Biology and Chemistry respectively.

Tasks for the interviews are compiled by the commission in accordance with the programs of entrance examinations and recorded in the Oral Answer Sheets.

The results of the interview in the subjects are reflected in the Oral Answer Sheets and Sheets of the Interview and signed by the members of the commission who conducted the interview.

Oral Answer Sheets are stored in the files of personal documents of foreign citizens enrolled for training.

The appeal of the foreign citizen may be submitted on the day of the interview and is considered in due course.

Individuals who are not enrolled for study at the University on the basis of interview results, can be admitted to the Preparatory Department or to the preparatory courses.