Main Admission The Rules and Procedure for Admission

The Rules and Procedure for Admission to BSMU in 2018-2019

All attached documents shall be translated into Russian and certified by a notary.

Belarusian State Medical University exercises the admission of foreign citizens to the Preparatory Department and to the 1st year of study on a fee basis.

The Invitation for training with the indicated specialty is issued at the request of a foreign citizen (or his representative).

Admission to the 1st year of study is exercised on a competitive basis.
Documents are accepted till August 25.

General Medicine

Duration of training: 6 years.

Students are trained in four main areas: Therapy, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine.


Duration of training: 5 years.

Since the first days students study the following special subjects: Fundamentals of Dental Materials, Functional Anatomy of the Teeth and Jaw System, Denture Manufacturing Laboratory Equipment.


Duration of training: 5 years.

Students enrolled in this specialty are trained in Chemistry, Medical Drugs, Pharmaceutical Botany, Economics, Pharmacy Organization.

On the day of arrival to the Republic of Belarus a foreign citizen should submit the following documents to the Dean’s Office of the Medical Faculty for International Students:

Foreign nationals, arriving for training, will be interviewed in the subjects of entrance tests including the Russian Language, Chemistry and Biology.