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Matey Abroad Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.


MBBS/MD in Republic of Belarus.
Matey Abroad is one of the finest podiums undoubtedly, for aspiring students who want to become doctors in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Starting its journey 19 years back when Dr. Rama Shankar Sah, laid the foundation of helping students to come to Belarus for higher studies. Since then they are achieving marvels.

Working efficiently for almost 2 decades, made this forum a topmost leader in the hierarchy of all the consultancies. From the students to the graduate professionals, they have made a milestone for the admission of foreign students in Belarusian universities.

«BSMU- Belarusian  State Medical University», with great honor support their gestures and continue the mutual treaty with «Matey  Abroad Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.» to be an authorized representative of the university. We give them official permission to advertise and publicize university; as well as to promulgate the system of foreign intake of students to our university.


Matey Abroad Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
402, M-2 Block, Middle circle,4th Floor, Yogeshwar Building
Connaught Place, New Delhi -110001 ,India.
Tel/Fax: +91-11-43071000, +91-11-43071100
Mob. No. +91-9999133600, +91-9999134600


Republic of Belarus
Partizansky Avenue 83 - 59,
Minsk - 220026,
Republic of Belarus

Devine Education, Rajesthan (India)
Mr. Mahaveer Jain +91 9929570139 (Whatsapp, Viber, Wechat)
Mr. Akhilesh Chechani +91 9610944444 (Whatsapp, Viber, Wechat)

Jay Ambe Group, Gujrat (India)
Mr.Pravin Gajera +91-9824198222

Doctor Dreams ,Banglore ( India )  
Mr.Mohammed Mubarak +91-9845416980

Infotel Technologies - Edu.Abroad, Kerala (India)
Mr.Prafulla chandran.G. +91-9447111320

EDU-INDIA & Abroad Services, Jharkhand (India)
Veena Singh/ Raj Sahu +91-7479982155

Aryadhita Educon Pvt. Ltd. Uttar Pradesh - Lucknow (India)
Dr. Ashish Mahendra +91-9026765827

Study Nation 360 - Uttar Pradesh (India)
Yukti Belwal +91 8860637009

Meducation Abroad - Hyderabad (India)
Mirza Beig +91 8340099555

Career Marg - Bihar (India)
Ahmad Wasim +91 8499000022

Renascence Global - Madhya Pradesh (India)
Diksha Pal +91 8818881497

Mediline study Medicine (Srilanka)
Dr. Manoj Liyanage (MD) +94774159600

American Education Centre Wtd/Anc Future centre medical placements (Srilanka)
Dr. Harryprasad (MD) +94777077998


S.Y.d Medical Education

The Israeli campus of medical studies in Minsk - general medicine and dentistry in a different atmosphere «feel in Israel» in Europe.

We do not compromise on the best lecturers, in a  program study comprehensive and varied curriculum.

We are a company with a vision and ideology with a combination of medical studies with uncompromising professionalism, high quality of life, and an affordable price! We strive to enable thousands of people to realize their dream of becoming doctors.

The project was born out of a deep understanding of the need for an Israeli student who dreams of becoming a doctor. From the personal acquaintance with all the difficulties and problems that currently exist in the way an Israeli student goes to medicine studying abroad, great thought has been invested in every detail in order to create an ideal learning environment for an Israeli student.

General Medicine

A 6-year study program tailored to the needs of Israeli students. The program includes pre-clinical studies lasting 3 years and clinical studies that also last 3 years. The program is based on up-to-date content in Israel and the United States, up-to-date literature and the use of state-of-the-art technologies to impart knowledge and skills to an Israeli student. All in order to provide all the necessary tools for the student who will become a doctor in Israel

During the fourth year, students will take a USMLE STEP-1 preparation course.

In addition, if necessary, students will be able to receive tutoring during their studies in subjects that will be difficult for success.

Republic of Belarus
Mobile No.