Main Admission Preparatory department Registration of invitations to study at the Preparatory Department for International Students

Registration of invitations to study at the Preparatory Department for International Students (the Faculty of Career Guidance and Pre-University Training) of the Belarusian State Medical University

To enter the territory of the Republic of Belarus, a foreign citizen arriving from a country with a visa regime with the Republic of Belarus should receive an invitation. The invitation for study is issued on a request from a person (individual or legal entity) representing foreign citizen’s interests.

To obtain the invitation, the person representing the interests of the foreign citizen comes to the Deans Office of the Faculty of Career Guidance at the address: 220083, Minsk, Dzerzhinsky Ave, 83, 5th building, 3rd floor, room 324a from June and submits the application addressed to the rector of the University in which the surname, name and patronymic (if any) of a foreign citizen in the Russian language and in Latin, the name of the country, and the language of instruction (Russian or English) specifying the training at the Preparatory Department.

Please note! The invitation is valid for up to 3 months.

The following documents must be submitted for receiving the invitation:

Note: The Preparatory Department for foreign citizens accepts persons who have a complete (full) secondary education or vocational and technical education or secondary special education

Note: translation is required if the certificate is issued outside the Republic of Belarus in a language other than Russian (Belarusian)

The above documents may be submitted as original documents or copies.

Preliminary examination of the above documents can be carried out by e-mail or by fax +375 17 358-41-04.

Attention! It is impossible to issue invitations to study by e-mail without a personal visit of the applicant's representative to the Dean's office.

An invitation to the University is issued on the basis of a cooperation agreement, concluded between the University and an invitee (legal entity or individual) representing the interests of a foreign citizen who has permanent or temporary registration in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. Person who invites the student must be paying (solvent).  The University will make the invitation by an agreement with the Department of Citizenship and Migration.