Main Admission Preparatory department The form and language of training of foreign citizens at the Preparatory Department for International Students

The form and language of training of foreign citizens  at the Preparatory Department for International Students (the Faculty of Career Guidance and Pre-University Training) of the Belarusian State Medical University

Citizens of foreign countries receive education in two forms of education: full-time training and distance learning. The educational process is carried out in the following areas:

«Russian as a native language» and «Russian as a Foreign Language» training programs are offered at the preparatory department for foreign citizens. The first program is designed for Russian-speaking listeners (students), the second program teaches listeners (students) the Russian language from scratch.

The training program «English as a native language» is introduced in order to prepare for admission to the University of applicants with initially good level of knowledge of English for subsequent training in English. 

Students, who want to have a Preparatory Course in English, need to pass the Entrance Exam in English. The exam will determine the degree of your English proficiency.

NOTE!!! The University does not teach you English from scratch. When you arrive at BSMU, you must have the knowledge of English that is necessary for studying in English.

If the exam board finds that you do not speak English (or that you speak weak English), you will be asked (proposed) to study in a Russian language study group where you will learn Russian from scratch.

Foreign students of the faculty study the following subjects: «Russian language», «Chemistry», «Biology», «Physics and Mathematics», «Introduction to medical Physics». Students of the program «English as a native language» additionally study the discipline «English».

Learning of the Russian language by students who study in Russian or in English is necessary for communication with patients in order to form the clinical and diagnostic thinking of a future doctor.

A separate category of foreign students includes persons who take preparatory courses to eliminate discrepancies in the curricula of the specialty «Medical Science» (BSMU) and related specialties with a bachelor's degree from a foreign state.