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Russian language training

The purpose of teaching Russian to foreign students (listeners) at the Medical University is to get them higher medical education. Belarusian and Russian Languages Department is therefore designed to ensure that foreign students (listeners) and foreign students of medical specialties of the first stage of higher education mastered tthe Russian language as a means of intercultural, interpersonal and professional interaction in the socio-cultural, official-business, professional and everyday spheres of communication in an unlimited range of communicative situations and topics of communication within the level of communicative saturation and professional sufficiency. 
One of the objects of control of attestation of foreign students (listeners)  and foreign students of the Medical Faculty of foreign students in the discipline «Russian as a foreign language» is an oral monologue. During it, the degree of formation of oral monologue and dialogic speech skills in Russian is monitored, the ability to argue one's point of view based on a source of information and specific data; to agree with any point of view or to reject it with argumentation (to conduct a spontaneous dialogue).