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Dear applicants/students!

The Admission Committee of BSMU welcomes your choice and desire to master the medical profession and is ready to do everything necessary to make your dreams come true.

The main objective of the Admission Committee is to select the best young men for study at Belarusian State Medical University, the most prestigious medical school in Belarus.

The Admission Committee includes:

S.P. Rubnikovich, Rector of the University, Chairman of the Admission Committee;

Professor I.N. Moroz, Vice-Rector, Deputy Chairman of the Admission Committee;

Associate Professor A.V. Hindziuk, Dean of the Faculty of Preventive Medicine, Executive Secretary of the Admission Committee;

Associate Professor N.K. Alhovik, Dean of the Faculty of Career Guidance and Pre-University Training, Deputy Executive Secretary of the Admission Committee;

Associate Professor I.V. Sysoeva, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Preventive Medicine, Deputy Executive Secretary of the Admission Committee;

Associate Professor N.A. Dziarzhynskaya, Associate Professor of the Department of Occupational Hygiene, Deputy Executive Secretary of the Admission Committee;

V.A. Stahouskaya, Senior lecturer of the Department of Radiation Medicine and Ecology, Deputy Executive Secretary of the Admission Committee;

Associate Professor V.V. Khrustalev, Head of the Department of General Chemistry, Deputy Executive Secretary of the Admission Committee;

Head of the Military Medical Institute, Colonel of the Medical Service D.A. Chernov

Professor A.I. Volotovski, Dean of the General Medicine Faculty;

Professor N.S. Gurina, Dean of the Pharmacy Faculty;

Associate Professor V.V. Davydov, Head of the Department of Biology;

Associate Professor O.S. Ishutin, Dean of the Medical Faculty for International Students;

Professor V.V. Roudenok, Vice-Rector for International Relations;

Associate Professor E.K.Filipovich, Dean of the Pediatrics Faculty;

Associate Professor T.L. Shevela, Dean of the Dentistry Faculty»



Medicine is one of the most noble and respected areas of human activity aimed at protection and promotion of health as the most valuable thing in the human life.

The medical career is currently recognized as one of the most promising and popular all over the world and a physician in any society is a person who is respected, appreciated and admired.

The need for medical personnel in Belarus, as well as in other countries of the world, is growing rapidly, due to the progressive development of diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic technologies.

The salary of medical personnel in Belarus is constantly increasing due to the government support. And with the development of skills and experience a doctor’s salary also grows.

BSMU is a leading higher medical education institution of the Republic of Belarus, which employs a number of recognized health care specialists, including academicians and professors, who are ready to share their knowledge with those who have decided to connect their life with medicine.

To satisfy the diverse needs of students the University provides them with comfortable hostel accommodation and opportunities for successful study and personal development. At their disposal there is a large library, modern computer rooms, fitness and sports facilities and drama clubs.

Many students are engaged in scientific research and have practical training at the best hospitals in Belarus, CIS and foreign countries.

Education at BSMU enables you to become highly qualified and successful health care professionals.


Choosing BSMU you choose the best option!

Belarusian State Medical University...

More than a thousand University students participate in research work at different departments.

A good tradition of the student scientific society is to hold annual conferences with the publication of the research findings of young scientists, who have become the undisputed leaders of the Republican Competition of student research papers over the past three years.

Belarusian State Medical University...

The glorious history of the University started in 1921, when during one decade it functioned as a Medical Faculty of Belarusian State University.

In 1930 it became an independent institution, Belarusian Medical Institute, which was relocated to Yaroslavl during World War II. Later Yaroslavl Medical Institute - now Yaroslavl State Medical Academy - was created on its basis (recently it celebrated the 65th anniversary).

Starting from 1947 and until the beginning of the current century, our Medical School has been functioning under the well known 'trademark' MSMI - Minsk State Medical Institute.

At present medical training of therapeutists, pediatricians, hygienists, dentists and military medicine specialists is provided under the title of Belarusian State Medical University.

Over the years more than 50 000 BSMU graduates became physicians, the vast majority of whom possess the qualities inscribed on the University logo, being translated from Latin, it means: skills and philanthropy, labor and knowledge.

Academic training of students is exercised at 73 departments, more than half of which are located at the bases of Minsk city municipal hospitals and clinics employing highly qualified medical education providers, experienced and dedicated staff, the active position of whom in the difficult social and economic conditions of the 90s allowed to preserve both scientific schools, and human resources, thereby supporting the high quality of medical education in Belarus.

To settle better in academic and social life the University takes special care to provide conditions for raising the students’ cultural level, their harmonious development, humility and humanism.

Each student has the opportunity to develop his talents, participating in various social and cultural events, student gatherings, festivals, drama performances, intellectual meetings, exhibitions and sports competitions.