Main Postgraduate training Regulations for Admission of Foreign Citizens to Clinical Residency

Regulations for Admission of Foreign Citizens to Clinical Residency

Form of training: full-time on a fee paid basis
Duration: 2-5 years
Admission of documents: from September 1 - June 30.

Admission to the clinical residency of the University is accomplished in accordance with the Instruction on Organizing and Providing Training at the Clinical Residency approved by the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus (06.01.2009 #2) and the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus (08.06.2009 #61) «Nomenclature of the Staff Positions for Employees with Higher and Secondary Medical and Pharmaceutical Education».

Knowledge of the Russian language is required for admission to the clinical residency.

Admission of foreign citizens for training is accomplished on the basis of the agreement signed by the University and a foreign citizen or a person representing his interests. The agreement is initially signed for 2 years but can be extended at the application of the clinical resident.

Foreign citizens who have received medical education equal to the higher medical education of the Republic of Belarus are admitted to the clinical residency without passing an internship and a working record on the chosen specialty.

Foreign citizens whose knowledge of Russian is not sufficient are first admitted to the preparatory courses on a fee-paid basis to learn Russian or to improve their knowledge of the Russian language for one month or longer.


To get an invitation for training at the clinical residency the foreign citizen submits for expertise the following documents (legally notarized) to the department of internship and clinical residency either by mail or with a courier:

Copy of the document (certificate) of education
specifying the term of education, list of subjects studied, marks (scores) of current and final knowledge assessment (examinations), term and results of practical training;
Copy of the passport or other document identifying the person.

Translation of the documents into Russian, legally notarized, must be enclosed, as well.

The department of internship and clinical residency carries out expertise of the documents. The Dean's office of the Medical Faculty for International Students will send an invitation for training at the Clinical Residency on condition the received education corresponds to the criteria and if vacancies are available for special clinical training at the chosen department.

Registration at the Clinical Residency

On arrival foreign citizens apply to the department of internship and clinical residency where they write an application to the Rector of the University specifying the specialty and term of training. The following documents are enclosed with the application:

Copy of the diploma (degree) of higher medical education and a supplement to the diploma as a subscription (copy) from the credit examination register;
the copies must be legally notarized (the original document is presented at registration).
Copies of the passport with a visa and medical insurance;
the originals are presented at registration.
Medical health certificate in accordance with the form approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus.
Copies of the documents confirming the doctor's work verified in accordance with the approved procedure (in case of having a work-record)
3 photos (3x4 cm).

All above-mentioned documents must be submitted with the Russian translation (legally notarized)

To determine the initial level of knowledge the foreign citizen is directed for an interview at the department which will provide the training in the chosen specialty. The results of the interview are recorded by the head of the department on the application. In case of positive results of the interview the supervisor of the clinical resident is appointed.

The application with the resolutions of the Head of the Department, Head of the Department of Internship and Clinical Residency, Head of the Department of Contract Works, vice-Rector on International Relations provide grounds for the Faculty for International Students to register the foreign citizen at the place of residence (hostel accommodation).

Admission to the Clinical Residency

Admission of the foreign citizen to the Clinical Residency is accomplished by the order of the Rector of the University after signing a bilateral agreement on training a doctor-specialist.

After admission the copies of the documents of education (the diploma and a supplement to it) are sent for expertise to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus for legalization and determining the correspondence of the received education to the standards of higher medical education in the Republic of Belarus.

The document of the established form for foreign citizens (Certificate on specialized training in medicine at clinical residency) certifies the fact of accomplishing training in the chosen specialty (3456 hours within 2 years) and does not contain information on awarding the qualification of a doctor-specialist. The supplement to the Certificate contains the information on the content of the training course in the specialty and the results of final examinations (assessment).
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