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An essential component of Belarusian State Medical University internationalization is foreign specialists training for practical healthcare of foreign countries. The University is included in the base of the World Directory of Medical Schools.

Educational services export plays a key role in the university international activities. More than two thousand foreign citizens from more than 50 countries of the world are engaged in all types of educational process. Since 1970, 3500 foreign specialists from more than 100 countries of the world have been trained at BSMU. For many of them studying at the university has become the key to a successful career.

Export strategy effectiveness is confirmed by a high degree of interest on the part of foreign citizens in educational programs in both Russian and English. The University has repeatedly won the “Best Exporter of the Year” competition (under the auspices of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) in the “Education” nomination.

The University is constantly improving the quality of educational services provided, expanding their list, develops and implements new forms of practiceoriented education. The University carries out the exchange of educational technologies and teaching methods, pedagogical experience and information with foreign partners, including the English-language education. The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) international standard for medical education has been introduced, which is used to train doctors at the medical faculties of universities in the USA, Canada, Israel and other countries.

While organizing training sessions, modern information technologies and elements of distance learning are widely used. Electronic educational and methodological complexes in Russian and English have been introduced into the educational process for the independent work of students. Electronic performance register provides monitoring of student progress and attendance, access to which has not only the administration of the university, but also students and their parents anywhere in the world.

University classrooms and lecture halls are equipped with the latest technical teaching aids: interactive whiteboards, multimedia projectors, interactive voting systems. A video archive of unique and high-tech operations has been created. Practical skills training is carried out at the simulation center for the main medical specialties.


Teleconferences and videoconferences with colleagues from near and far abroad are carried out with the use of videoconferencing equipment as one of the modern forms of training and exchange of experience.

Choosing Belarusian State Medical University, every foreign student receives:


Preparatory department

Training of potential students at this department is provided full time, part time and by correspondence on a paid basis.

The duration of study varies from eight to nine months.

Admission to the clinical residency

Teaching is conducted on a paid full-time basis and lasts from two to five years.

Admission to Master’s Degree Programs

Training of specialists with higher education of the 2nd level is exercised on a paid full- time basis according to the Contracts on Specialist Training.

The duration of study ranges from one to two years.

Admission to Postgraduate PhD Programs

Training of overseas medical specialists of higher qualification is exercised according to the PhD program on a paid full- time basis and does not exceed three years.