Main University International cooperation Training of overseas specialists

Training of overseas specialists

During the period from 1970 to 2012 about 2,000 international specialists from nearly 100 countries underwent training at BSMU. For many of them such training became the key to a successful career. Among BSMU distinguished alumni there are ministers, ambassadors, leading experts, heads of health departments and clinics, professors, associate professors, heads of departments at leading medical schools in many countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Canada and the USA.

Preparatory department

Training of potential students at this department is provided full time, part time and by correspondence on a paid basis.

The duration of study varies from eight to nine months.

Admission to the clinical residency

Teaching is conducted on a paid full-time basis and lasts from two to five years.

Admission to Master’s Degree Programs

Training of specialists with higher education of the 2nd level is exercised on a paid full- time basis according to the Contracts on Specialist Training.

The duration of study ranges from one to two years.

Admission to Postgraduate PhD Programs

Training of overseas medical specialists of higher qualification is exercised according to the PhD program on a paid full- time basis and does not exceed three years.