Main University Health care

Therapeutic, diagnostic and consultative work of the University departments at clinical bases

Currently, 42 clinical departments of the University (including 2 departments of the Military Medicine Faculty) are located at 70 clinical sites of Minsk healthcare and research centers. This cooperation is regulated by the agreements of gratuitous use of non-residential premises in the municipal and republican ownership and corresponding agreements on cooperation.

Therapeutic, diagnostic and consultative work in the city and republican emergency medical care centers

The staff of the University clinical departments carries out a large bulk of work providing ambulatory organizational and methodological as well as therapeutic and consultative assistance to healthcare organizations in Minsk and throughout Belarus. Up to 2000 site visits in Minsk and 250-300 visits throughout the country are performed each year. On average, up to 3,500 patients are consulted in Minsk and about 1000 throughout the country. A large number of surgical interventions are performed in severe cases.

Student sanatorium

The BSMU sanatorium is a medical preventive institution for the treatment and rehabilitation of students during the academic year. The sanatorium has general therapeutic profile for patients with the diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system, ENT diseases as well as problems with the respiratory system and the eyes.
Student health unit

In the health unit one can get emergency medical care in case of diseases, injuries and poisoning. The health unit provides out-patient care of patients. According to indications a health care provider working there may put a student on a sick leave from one to three days or make him (her) exempt from physical education classes up to five days.
Implementation of modern diagnosis and treatment methods into the teaching process

The teaching staff of the clinical departments specializing in Surgery successfully implement new methods of treatment such as the transplantation method of treating diabetis mellitus by grafting corresponding xenogenic cell transplants; the surgical method of treating hyperparathyroidism by transplanting parathyrocytes...