Main University Key facts & figures

BSMU is...

More than 50.000 physicians have been trained since its foundation;

8 faculties, institute, including the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, as well professional programs in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy;

72 departments:

29 theoretical departments;

43 clinical departments;

5 education buildings;

More than 70 clinical sites.


Over 7.000 students;

Over 1.170 higher-education teaching personnel;

Library with more than 700.000 books;

Repository, numbering more than 30,000 full-text documents in all studied disciplines;

–†ractical training laboratory with modern simulation equipment.

Science and innovations

29 scientific schools;

199 researchers;

75 student scientific clubs;

In 5 years:

198 patents were obtained;

18 laureates of national competitions;

1.119 diplomas of different categories.

Medical activity

Annually, there are held:

● more than 300.000 consultations;

13.000 surgeries;

160.000 concilia;

More than 270 methods of treatment and diagnosis of diseases are implemented.

International activity

The partner network includes more than 120 foreign universities, research centers and international organizations from more than 25 countries;

More than 2.000 foreign students from over 50 countries are being trained in Russian or English;

Since 1970, 3.500 foreign specialists from over 100 countries have been trained.