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Scientific life of foreign students of the Faculty of Career Guidance and pre-University Training

Every year, foreign students of the Faculty of Career Guidance and pre-University Training take part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference of students and young scientists «Actual problems of modern medicine and Pharmacy». Its main goal is to develop the creative activity of students, postgraduates and young scientists, to attract them to solving urgent problems of modern science and medicine. So, in 2021, the diploma of the 2nd degree was awarded to Tarek Aourir, a student of group 5108 (topic of the work: «Directions of the development of phytotherapy», scientific supervisor - PhD in Pedagogy, associate professor Nina Nikolaevna Burkhanskaya). The active participation of foreign students in the work of the «Philology» section of the above-mentioned conference was noted in 2019 : the 3rd place was taken by the students of the group 5116 Babayeva Akjemal (topic of the work: «Life in harmony with nature», scientific supervisor: senior lecturer Gladysheva M. K.), group 5112 - Beyh Ahmad (topic of the work: «Smoking and stress», scientific supervisor: teacher Stashevich I. A.).

Research activities of the Faculty of vocational guidance and pre-university training

At the initiative of the dean of the Faculty of Career Guidance and pre-University Training Avetisov Aram Rubenovich, an international scientific and practical conference «Actual problems of pre-university training» has been held at the Belarusian State Medical University since 2017. The purpose of the annual conference is to identify promising and significant areas of pre-university training. It is attended by employees of the dean offices and departments of BSMU participating in pre-university training, representatives of leading Belarusian universities, as well as delegates from near and far abroad.

The conference works in the following areas:

  •  quality management of education, 
  •  forms and methods of pre-university training, 
  •  modern educational technologies, 
  •  career guidance in pre-university training,
  •  educational and curatorial work.

The publications of the conference participants can be found at the following link.