Main University History


Belarusian State Medical University is the leading higher medical educational institution of the Republic of Belarus having merited international authority and recognition.

The history of the university can be traced back to 1921 when the Medical Faculty was created as a part of the Belarusian State University. The Medical Faculty became an independent educational institution in 1930.

On 28 June, 2001 Minsk State Medical Institute was renamed to the state leading higher educational establishment «Belarusian State Medical University».

1925 — the first class of graduates (21 students were awarded the diplomas and qualified as physicians).

1930 — the Belarusian State Medical Institute was founded on the base of the Medical Faculty.

From June, 1941 to October, 1943 the Institute didn’t function and then resumed its work in Yaroslavl (Russia).

1944 — the Belarusian State Medical Institute returned to its home place (Minsk).

1960 — Dental Faculty was created.

1964 — Pediatric Faculty and Faculty of Preventive Medicine started their activity.

1967 — Medical Faculty for Foreign Students appeared within the University.

1971 — for the achievements in training of specialist, development of Public health service and medical science Minsk State Medical Institute was rewarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labor by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR.

1995 — Military Medicine Faculty was opened

2001 — the University was granted its current title and status of the leading higher medical institution in Belarus.

2011 — Pharmaceutical Faculty appeared within the University.